Assistant Buyer For Shoes & Accessories – Aiman Rafia Hashim

Assistant Buyer For Shoes & Accessories – Aiman Rafia Hashim
Assistant Buyer For Shoes & Accessories – Aiman Rafia Hashim
Who is Aiman Rafia Hashim?

Aiman is from Lucknow, India but if you ask her she is actually born and raised in the UAE.  Aiman studied Business in school but very quickly switched to Fashion Retail & Marketing in university.  She then spent 3 crazy years studying and more studying dedicating herself to the fashion world.

Despite this crazy obsession with fashion, on the weekends you will find her going though the latest Grand Cinema listings looking for a way to chill out and let that long hair out of the bun.

What does she do at The Luxury Closet?
  • Quotations for shoes, sunglasses & accessories, like belts and scarves. The items you want us to sell for you, Aiman manages the process from collection to authentication.
  • The person you email or call about your quotation or the status of your item, quite often it will be Aiman speaking to you.
  • Uh oh…. if something comes in that isn’t authentic or not in good enough condition, then Aiman will be sending it back to you.
  • If you walk in to our office looking for a little help, Aiman is there for you.  Quite often, you will see her making a new account or uploading something with a client and then sending them on happy and satisfied.
What is Aiman’s French name & why?

Every closeteer gets to pick a special French name that is all about them.  Aiman picked “Madamoiselle Ballerine” which means “Miss Ballerina”.  Aiman picked this name because she spends her days working with shoes.  Be it authentication, cleaning or anything else, it’s all making her something of a shoe expert.

  1. Her own hair – “Because it’s long, black and beautiful”
  2. Fashion – All the latest trends and styles in fashion
  3. Social life – Movies, TV shows, music, etc etc – Basically anything to do with entertainment
3 dislikes
  1. Ruined designer shoes – Look after them, they are special pieces of joy wrapped around your feet
  2. Tomatoes– She can’t stand them in her food – Yuk!
  3. Disorganization– If her work is incomplete because of someone elses poor organisation skills, they are in trouble!
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