Watches Category Manager – Ghassan Chammas

GhassanWho is Ghassan Chammas?

A Lebanese family man, who is a little crazy about timepieces, which is a great thing for us. Although he has spent most of his career following luxury watches and brands he says he has a keen sense of real prestige allowing him to have the ability to differentiate between the genuine timepiece brands from the high priced wannabe’s.

What does he do at The Luxury Closet

Having helped to introduced the watch business to The Luxury Closet, Ghassan brings his expertise and experience to the authentication process ensuring only genuine and perfect items are reaching people like you.  Sharing the CEO’s vision for the company, Ghassan is dedicated to the success of the company.

He may not always be in the office, you will often find him out in the city speaking to watch professionals and watch collectors to establish strong personal connections that can be called upon when required.

If you were to ask him what a Watches Category Manager does, he would say “I makes sure that we work with luxury, I always give my best to provide The Luxury Closet visitors unique pieces and when possible, great discounts on extremely famous brands.”

What is his French name and why?

Every closeteer gets to pick a special French name that is all about them. Ghassan picked “L’horloger” which means “Watch Maker”. Ghassan dreams of being a genuine designer watch maker having his own designer brand name and of course living in Switzerland.

  1. Camping – having spent my childhood as scout i have a faible for nature.
  2. Painting – I consider myself the next Picasso, my wife disagrees.
  3. Scuba Diving – It’s an experience like no other
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