Milan & Paris Fashion Week A/W 2014 Tidbits

Glamour, Pizazz, Lights, Excitement, Vogue, Passion, and a fast paced pulsating beat summed up the Milan and Paris Fashion weeks this year. Check out what went on at the fashion hub of Palazzo Giureconsulti in Milan and Carrousel du Louvre, the epicenter of the fashion week in Paris.

Moschino Jeremy Scott mfw aw14 mcdonalds spongebob squarepants

Care for Some McChino?

Moschino never fails to surprise us with interesting runway pieces that are unique hybrids of pop culture and high fashion. Wearable is another question. In his inaugural collection, it looks like Jeremy Scott’s love for junk food has inspired a McRunway!


CAVALLI MFWHeating The Show

Roberto Cavalli’s ring of fire had everyone enthralled as the temperatures went up. His designs included heavily beaded dresses and gowns ripped at the hem into fringes. Cavalli never fails to impress from the catwalk décor to the catwalk designs.


MFW Street Style

elle 45 milan fashion week weekend street style 2014elle 12 milan fashion week weekend street style 2014elle 42 milan fashion week weekend street style 2014

Funky prints including plaids, florals and geometric patterns accented the surprisingly sunny streets as Milan Fashion Week guests made their rounds from show to show.


Let’s Rock!

Super models rocking it out fall 2014Contrary to their stoic expressions on the runway, all the tight lipped models are not so serious backstage! After the show, Fausto Puglisi models let their hair down (literally!) for some rock and roll. Of course, after rounds of staid cat walking, they deserve some fun.




A Branded Journey

Luke Leitch tweet fashion week boarding flight

Luke Leitch tweeted this photo of fashion week guests boarding a flight from London to Milan. We can only imagine the amount of luxury on board. Now that’s one queue we wouldn’t mind waiting in!




phillip-plein milan paris fashion show 2014

Living the American Dream

Talk about leaving no room for mediocrity. Phillip Plein’s show ranged from star models to pop singers, to a stunning backdrop of fire. The cowboy themed runway started off with a performance by Rita Ora and was graced by models such as Naomi Cambell and Allesandra Ambrosio. Chic furs, studded skirts and leather were highlights of the show.




Le Louvre De Paris


The Louvre is an icon of its own, but with Paris Fashion Week surrounding it, it becomes that much more intriguing! The capital of fashion brings about the best style statements worldwide, as Coco Chanel put it: “La mode se démode, le style jamais.”


Corrie Nielsen’s mythological collectionNielsen’s Emotions

Designers often use their own experiences and feelings as inspiration for every piece they project to the crowd. Corrie Nielsen’s mythological collection represented intense emotions and spirituality through a cycle of feelings of love and sacrifice. Now this is one mystical and powerful collection.



The Golden Cape

Since its arrival on the runway, Tex Saverio’s golden cape has been the talk of the town. Tex Saverio outdid expectations with his use of intricate detailing and shimmering fabrics that he is known for.




Paris Fashion Week Street Style


There were some unique street styles at Paris Fashion week. From Anna Dello Russo’s overcoat and matching pink tricycle, to a fashion week bystander’s vibrant hair complimenting her snow white coat. Better line up some wigs so we don’t overdo it with the hair dye.

All Wound Up

Gareth Pugh’s A/W 2014

Gareth Pugh’s A/W 2014 Collection summed up the words fascinating and eerie. The models walked the ramp like PVC bound silhouettes to give a toy-like illusion, with lots of lambskin draping and ethereal toned pieces. Pugh gave a whole new meaning to minimalism in fashion.

Shelina Datoo
Clothing Buyer


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