Top 5 Limited Edition Bags We Love

Rarity and uniqueness, these are just two reasons why many consider purchasing limited edition bags over any it-bag today.  If you are looking to treat yourself to a limited edition bag that few own, you can choose from a Designer’s exclusive edition collection, look for a vintage bag, or search for a truly hard-to-find handbag online. Or you can skip all the searching and just check out the list below!

Chanel Black Pearls Obsession Bag

Picture of Chanel Black Pearls Obsession Bag

Taking your love for Chanel to another level is the Black Pearls Obsession Bag, which happens to be a perfect example of why limited edition bags by Chanel are so coveted. Chanel has managed to create a tote with a timeless design, edgy black leather and luxurious pearls that is not only elegant, but also features an exclusive charm. No wonder why there are so few still available today.


 Kenzo Pagodon Tote

Picture of Kenzo vintage black Leather bag

First introduced in 1998, the Southeast Asia and Japanese inspired Pagodon is one handbag by Kenzo that isn’t easy to come by.  This little bucket bag is not only functional, but intriguing as it seamlessly blends together modern and traditional, with its leather bond handle and sleek round shape.


 Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Richard Prince Watercolor Framed Bag

louis-vuitton Limited-edition-aquarella-papillon-frame-bag

When Louis Vuitton and talented artists collaborate, some of the most amazing, awe inspiring handbags are created, and this limited edition bag is no exception. First spotted on Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2008 runway, which was partly inspired by Richard Prince’s Nurse Paintings, the Papillon was reinvented with its classic LV canvas being brushed over with beautiful water color paint.


Chanel Limited Edition Karl Lagerfeld Sketches Classic Flap 



Extremely rare and breathtaking, the stunning Limited Edition Karl Lagerfeld Sketches Classic Flap is one Chanel handbag that beautifully entwines both the past and present, while showcasing the talents of both designers.


 Hermes Limited Edition Vinyl kelly

Picture of Hermes Vinyl Kelly

Many are still trying to find a way to own the rare orange vinyl Kelly which bears the phrase “Un voyage au pays des merveilles” or simply a trip to wonderland. Created in very limited quantities back in 1998, the exclusive orange vinyl Kelly was born to celebrate Hermes 160th year, along with the 160th celebratory exhibition at the newly opened Hermes store in Japan.

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