The Case Of The Cartier Love Bracelet

I rely on clothes and accessories to help me express my feelings. Many people do the same, this would account for the lofty sums of money the fashion industry generates each year. When feelings are tied to clothing items, they tend to get a lot of buzz!

More specifically, bracelets have been around for a while. In ancient Egypt pharaohs wore bracelets to match their head pieces and Scepters. At the time, these bracelets were used to connote authority. In more recent times, one designer created a couple of bracelets and tied them to the ultimate feeling – LOVE. These bracelets became an instant hit.

Cartier Love Bracelets were originally designed in New York in the early 1970’s. The design features a flat bangle fitted with screws that is opened and closed with a screw driver. These bracelets serve to signify inseparable love. This elegant combination of love and precious materials resulted in a huge buzz among celebrities and fashionable people.


Cartier Love Bracelets, available in Yellow Gold and Rose Gold


cartier_love_bracelet kardarshan
Kim Kardashian showing off the Cartier Love Bracelet among others given to her by Kanye West

Lovers are always looking for an excuse to spoil their partners and Cartier Love bracelets fit the part. There are just enough diamonds on Kim Kardashian’s Cartier Love Bracelet to keep any girl satisfied.. at least for a while.  After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Kanye rocking Cartier Love bracelets of his own
Kanye West rocking Cartier Love Bracelets
Drake rocking multiple Cartier Love Bracelets

Ladies are not the only ones who caught up to the trend. Afterall, it takes two to love. In these pictures we see  Kanye West and Drake rocking Cartier Love Bracelets. We know Kanye is in love with Kim, maybe there’s something Drake isn’t telling us.




In these pictures, we see how ladies rely on the Cartier Love Bracelet to enhance the “boyfriend watch”  trend. By combining the bracelet with a Rolex or a Cartier wristwatch, the whole boyfriend wrist watch experience is taken to the next level, and it becomes clear that the wearer is out to make a statement.


The armcandy concept: this basically connotes wearing a lot of bracelets on your arm in a manner that is overwhelming or exaggerated (as seen in this picture). With the advent of the Cartier Love Bracelet, some people have taken it up a notch or two. By combining this bracelet with other high-end bracelets, the arm candy connotes ‘luxury’. I mean who says we cant rock all our bling at once?


Today, we have discussed how feelings such as love can influence our perception of clothing or accessories. What are your thoughts? do you agree, do you disagree?

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