Whose Skin Are You In?

The exotic leather industry has been one of the most talked about and has been known to be the most provocative. Things continue to get heated up; especially where handbags are concerned, as top-end fashion houses are focusing on showcasing their best ever yet.

Most luxury houses such as Hermes, Dior, Celine and Chanel feature limited edition handbags that come in exotic or precious skins and often in very unique colors. However, smaller brands have also ventured into the realm of the unique skins such as Burberry and Chloe.

Why the sudden interest in exotic and precious Skin?

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To understand this process we need to have a clear definition of the two:


Exotic Skins

The exotic skins family consists of alligator, crocodile, and caiman leather. Each with unique characteristic such as prestige, looks, price, and quality of material.



Alligator leather is one of the strongest skins in the exotic family and can be identified by the so called “umbilical scar” seen in the above picture.



crocodile croc 1

On the other hand, crocodile tiles tend to have an oval shape.

It is very difficult to determine if a product piece is made from genuine crocodile or alligator, given the similarity in the appearance and flexibility of these two leathers.

On a price level, we can say that alligator, aka the Rolls Royce of exotics, is a little more expensive than crocodile but in general, they show the same quality.




This is a cheaper alternative from owning alligator and crocodile skin and has a vast difference in terms of price and quality. Caiman Leather is from a unique South American Species of crocodile called Caiman crocodile or Colombian crocodile.


Precious Skins

Precious skins can come from fish such as Shagreen also known as Galuchat, shark and sting ray. They have an interesting pebbled glazed texture. A lesser known textured leather is obtained from actual chicken feet. However, ostrich and python are by far the most common of the precious skins used today.



Ostrich leather has no set pattern and its texture will always vary and differ. It is one of the most sourced out leathers in the luxury handbags circle. It is renowned for being exceptionally strong and durable.




Python skin can be considered the most sophisticated and exquisite of all the precious skins. Python is more commonly used as it is one of the most affordable and most vibrant. The skin can be tanned and dyed easier than others in many different colors and shades.

Here’s a tip on how to tell if you’ve got real python skin or just python embossed leather: the scales of python will curl and over time fray; which gives out a strong sense of character.



Now to the real question, Why should you have such an exclusive piece in your closet?

The world of exotic leather has always created a stir and has associated itself with elegance and pride. Exotic and precious skins are definite “Stand out Pieces” for starters. They are timeless and can work with a casual outfit as well as a red carpet event. I have always felt that exotic and precious skins refers to class. Even as a child my favourite cartoon Cruella Devil was an icon in her fur covered stole that exuded stature and class.

They add a sense of heritage to your wardrobe and will definitely add a sense of Character to your style.

Exotic skins play off the idea of women being strong and fierce. So it’s no surprise that women all over the world want to own a piece of exotic and precious luxury that is trendy yet dominating.


So ladies it’s time to buy!

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