Your Guide to Céline’s Luggage Totes

I absolutely love the Céline Fashion House…. especially the details put into their bags that makes every single piece a fashion statement echoing around the world. To believe that Céline was originally introduced as a made-to-measure children’s shoe business before growing into women’s shoes, accessories, and handbags stands to show that this brand is one that will stay there for years to come.

The Céline Luggage first debuted in 2010 and was one of Phoebe Philo’s creative ideas for the House after she left Chloé, reinvented it with a bang. The bag was first readily available, but quickly caught on to be the “it” or “go-to” bag. It especially grew insanely popular after it was spotted on the arms of one of the subtle and admired Olsen twins. Within the past few years, it’s been seen on every fashionista’s closet, becoming a trend that is here to stay!


Céline is now most popular for their bags, starting with their first: the Mini Luggage, followed by the Trapeze, Phantom, and then the Trio. To say that I fell in love with the Mini Luggage would be an understatement, and I’m pretty sure that this speaks for everyone’s feelings towards this beauty. It reminds me of a smiling face, with its fabulous designs and texture combinations. It was released in different sizes and a name for each creation, and I was lost in a world of Célines! The bags come in five difference sizes, respectively the: Medium » Shoulder Shopper » Mini » Micro » Nano. Though the difference between them can get confusing, each is different in its own way!

The collection and size of each Luggage tote is comes as follows:

Céline Medium Luggage Tote


38 x 38 x 24 CM (H x L x W)

Let’s start with the largest in the family, the Medium is in fact the biggest in size and can fit just about everything in it.



Céline Shoulder Shopper Luggage Tote

CÉLINE Camel Shoulder Shopper

38 x 28 x  24 CM (H x L x W)

Next we have the Shoulder Shopper: not as tall as the Medium, but just as wide… basically a stout version of the Medium.



Céline Mini Luggage Tote

30 x 30 x 17 CM (H x L x W)

The Mini is the most popular size. It’s what all the celebrities are carrying and is not too big to be your perfect everyday bag.



Céline Micro Luggage Tote
Celine Micro - From Celine

25 x 25 x 15 CM (H x L x W)

Contrary to its name, the Micro is anything but micro! I would consider it a bridge between the Medium and the Mini, and a cute crossover of a tote and a cross-body. (Pretty much the perfect bag!)



Céline Nano Luggage Tote

20 x 20 x 10 CM (H x L x W)

Last of all is the Nano which I would consider almost like an over-sized clutch that can also be worn as a cross-body, making it a bundle of cuteness!



So, now we’ve seen the magic of Céline and how they create unusual yet fabulous sizes, giving us even more options to choose from and standing out from the crowd. All we’d like to say is… God bless Céline and God bless their bags!

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