Bag Thursday: Cruise Control

There’s nothing quite as iconic as Chanel’s tweed or Chanel’s flap bag. So you can only imagine what may become of a tweed flap bag – a pure masterpiece.

The brain child of Karl Lagerfeld, this jumbo sized arm candy breathes new life into a piece that is carried over and reimagined every season. The navy tweed and aqua leather speak volumes of it’s Cruise inspired heritage. Born in 2013, you could call it limited edition! Always at the forefront of fashion, the collection boasted ruffled yet aggressive pieces, with their unmistakably classic aesthetic making an appearance on double-breasted tweed jackets, quilted bags and structured black-and-white dresses, which were all present and covetable as ever.

A light-hearted line, since Lagerfeld  has been at the helm of the fashion house, he’s continued to reimagine the traditional tweed fabric, retaining Chanel’s avant-garde status through the years.

“Frivolity is a healthy attitude,” he said after the show. “I know people who were saved by frivolity.”

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Chanel-Blue-tweed-LC-40050-182608a Sources: Cool Spotters, Pinterest, Purse Blog

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