How To Dress For Ramadan


Want to know all about the fashion of the Holy Month? We bring you the rules and regulations, history and how-to’s, plus tips and tricks, spoken by the UAE’s most stylish residents themselves.

Lana says: “Ramadan is a month of spirituality and building a stronger connection with our religion. But, on the flip side, it is also a month where we see a shift in the fabrics, styles, and ensembles. We revert back to wearing pieces inspired by Middle Eastern, North African, and Ottoman history, like the kaftan, which has become a Ramadan staple.


Abayas have shifted from simple light black fabric pieces to embellished and colourful ones, which exude femininity and fashion as much as they retain their conservative appeal. But Ramadan symbolises the simplicity of life, so your everyday style will typically see simple silhouettes and calm colour palettes and embellished pieces come out at night.”


Shelina says: Whilst you should dress modestly, we have to bear the summer heat in mind, so wear something cool and comfortable that you can fast in and doesn’t wear you down. As much as I love kaftans and abayas, I also love mixing up my look by wearing silk tunics with wide-leg pants in block colours. Printed scarves and lightweight blazers are also a great way to layer your look whilst keeping cool.

A lot of designers such as Roberto Cavalli, Valentino and Elie Saab design dresses, skirt suits and maxi dresses that are perfect for Ramadan. And when it comes to accessorising,  you can never go wrong with a neutral shade of white or cream outfit teamed with a vibrant Celine Trapeze or a Hermes Kelly.”

Lenah says: “Dressing modestly and conservatively doesn’t have to mean boring. My perfect Ramadan outfit a white tank with some jeans and a long kimono with an amazing oriental-inspired pattern on it. Really casual and simple, yet really on-trend and with the season. Accessories are a must, too. I love a bulky silver or gold necklace and large oriental earrings. Wear that with a killer pair of heels and you’re instantly looking feminine, flawless and ready for a fashionable Ramadan!”

Mariam says: “Whilst you should set aside your see-through blouses, plunging necklines and backless dresses, don’t think you have to ditch all your usual ensembles for a whole month – wear your short dresses over trousers or throw a kaftan over your jumpsuit!”

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