Style Icon of the Month – Alex Hirschi (Super Car Blondie)

Meet our iconic blogger of the month, Alex Hirschi, more commonly known as Supercar Blondie. This blonde beauty went from being a full-time radio hostess to an influencer, blogger and car-fanatic. Hirschi, originally from Queensland, Australia, was infatuated by Dubai and its “vision to stand out”, and decided to move continents in 2008. Starting off as a presenter for a radio drive show, Hirschi’s interest in cars slowly turned into a passion. She took to her personal Instagram to document her love for cars, and share her experiences as she got the opportunity to test drive them. It wasn’t long before her Instagram following skyrocketed, and the amazing combination of wit, love for cars and connecting with the audience grasped the interest of thousands. After realizing how popular her page had gotten at a striking following of 140,000, she decided it was time to cultivate this opportunity and focus on it full-time, which led her to leave her radio host job.

The blogger poses with a stunning Maserati with Burj Khalifa in the background. Credit: Instagram: @supercarblondie

Today, Alex Hirschi is truly living the dream! She couldn’t be happier combining her professional life with her hobbies and interests. She gets to drive and review some of the most expensive and rare cars in the world, and people often stop to get shots of the blonde beauty in action. Her active lifestyle doesn’t get in the way of her love for fashion and luxury. The Luxury Closet wanted to be associated with this new and upcoming fashion, and this edgy fashionista was the perfect match! She has a defined signature look, and is not afraid to spice it up with unique luxury items.  In early April 2017, we had the amazing opportunity of shooting a video with Alex, and she brought along a fancy car of course! Check out the video below, which featured  a gorgeous white Bentley. We had a blast at the filming of  this short video in the beautiful Viceroy Palm Jumeirah.

The supercar blogger dazzles with the fanciest of luxury cars, and ensures that her style is no less luxurious! She finds the perfect balance to combine her casual and luxury fashion looks. Often found roaming Dubai streets in Chanel Espadrilles or an LV bag, this blogger loves to find and purchase unique gems from our site and rock the looks on her Instagram page. We can’t wait to see what else this stunning supercar beauty has in store!

Supercar Blondie is dressed to impress at the video shoot! Credit: Instagram: @supercarblondie
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Dana is a full-time coffee drinker and part-time wanderluster who is capable of expressing herself in two ways only: writing and emojis. She has a passion for fashion, and is known for possessing other talents so hidden she can’t even find them.

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