Men’s Summer Fashion Trends 2017

Summer is here and the change of season heralds a change of wardrobe. Women’s fashion generally rule the trends, why should men be left behind? Here’s a complete guide for men to glide through summer in effortless style.

1. Clothes For Everyday Wear

There are many trends that are hard to pull off outside of the ramp. With that in mind, we bring you a few tips on clothes that are both wearable and in vogue.

The Yellow Talk

Life in yellow is definitely on the fashion list for men this season!

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The Jacket Accessory

Rummage through your 1990’s closet and wrap your favorite jacket around your waist as an accessory. Opt for those with catchy hues and quirky prints to be in sync with the summer mood.

Summer Ice Cream and Bootcamp

Neutral colors, linen fabrics, and sandy shades are great choices for a subtle and clean look. But if you’re looking for a more masculine look, we suggest you take the military route straight to Bootcamp.

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2. Handbags

Bye, Messengers and hello, Backpacks! Functional and stylish, the backpack is really the new must-have.

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3. Shoes

Loafers, sandals, sneakers and warm-weather boots have been in for a few seasons now but 2017 comes with better versions.

The Luxe Loafers

The classic loafers keep returning and for a good reason. However, this summer is all about the wooden sole, that is, if you’re planning to get a new pair.

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Summer Boots

I know, summer boots sounds strange but that’s the whole point! Take a plunge, this is one investment you’ll not regret.

Sandals and Slippers

If you thought sandals or slippers were only for the pool or holidaying, you are mistaken. The season trend wave has brought them to the streets and even in formal attires! 

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Some trends are to be followed and some to be created, be experimental with your choices and don’t be afraid to set your own! Let your style speak for yourself. Happy Summer, fellas!

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