7 Facts About Bvlgari You Need To Know

 “For me, calling at Bulgari’s shop is like visiting the best exhibition of contemporary art”.

~Andy Warhol

It is not surprising that comes from one of the greatest modern artists of our times. Bvlgari has been a pioneer and leader in high fashion accessories with more than a century of unflinching dedication to design and exclusive materials. Whether you sport Bvlgari women bracelets or Bvlgari rings, enjoy a Bvlgari perfume or flaunt your pair of Bvlgari women earrings, you are part of an unparalleled celebration of sophisticated design.

The Rise of the Bulgari Family

BVLGARI shop display at Suvanaphumi Airport (Photo credit: Tooykrub/Shutterstock.com)

Bvlgari can be traced back to 1884, making it one of Italy’s oldest jewellery houses. The trademark BVLGARI, that we are now so familiar with, is written in the classical Latin alphabet derived from the founder, Sotir Bulgari’s name.

He was born in Greece and the first store still stands in the village of Paramythia. Watches were introduced by them in the late 1970s and Bvlgari fragrances appeared on their shelves in the early 1990s, signalling a diversification from the core jewellery business. The company is also listed on Italy’s Borsa Italiana Stock Exchange.


Bvlgari B.Zero1 1-Band Diamond White Gold Band Ring
Bvlgari B.Zero1 1-Band Diamond White Gold Band Ring

When you own a Bvlgari jewellery product, you also enjoy design elements that showcase the shapes and ideas from Roman and Greek periods and the Italian Renaissance. These classic designs are the core of inspiration, and Bvlgari also views Parisian and Art Deco styles as a muse. Bvlgari is also known for its use of coloured stones and rare gems that complement the emblematic elements the house has made its name with. Interlocking steel and large gold links are some of the hallmarks of the Bvlgari jewellery lines. The B. zero1 range is one of the most recognizable designs of Bvlgari. Some examples include this diamond studded white gold band and this resplendent 4-band yellow gold piece.

The city of Rome has a special influence on the Bvlgari brand. An eternal city, its legacy reflects on the designs of the fashion house, which steers clear from common trends and sticks to original, elegant and everlasting styles. The brand is known to find design and motif ideas from the landmarks of the Italian capital, one of the oldest cities in the world.

Watches and Jewellery

Bvlgari- Blue- Stainless- Steel B-Zero1 Women's Wristwatch
Bvlgari Blue Stainless Steel B-Zero1 Women’s Wristwatch

Bvlgari women watches are very popular and carry the signature detailing that is also exhibited in their jewellery products. Watches come with a unique company registered serial number to validate the authenticity. Some examples include this carbon black rubber and aluminium diagono watch which has a sporty look yet maintains the Bvlgari detailing. The engraved trademark highlights the bezel of this slim piece, also featuring a black leather strap, a blue dial and diamond hour markers.

Bvlgari women rings are known for their eccentric designs that blend simplicity with traditional classic elements and innovative touches. Multiple band designs are one of Bvlgari’s best innovations, and timeless collections feature rings of platinum, white and yellow gold with precious stones. Bvlgari sunglasses are another much loved line of accessories, showcasing essential European designs with tortoise frames and embellishments, adding luxury elements to a simple shape. Crystal and rhinestone encrusted frames are just some of the many examples of Bvlgari’s collection of shades.

Bvlgari- Cerchi- Astrale- Yellow -Gold -Pendant- Necklace
Bvlgari Cerchi Astrale Yellow Gold Pendant Necklace

Bvlgari women necklaces are some of the hottest selling luxury items, a favourite amongst everyone from celebrities to members of royalty. The B.zero1 line also includes pendants and necklaces like this double toned gold design and yellow gold chain link Cerchi Astrale pendant.


Bvlgari- Red- Leather- Large- Serpenti -Forever- Ruffled- Shoulder -Bag
Bvlgari Red Leather Large Serpenti Forever Ruffled Shoulder Bag

Bvlgari may be known as a jewellery brand but its classy bags also have a great following. Some of the quintessential stamps include the lion emblems, exquisite hardware, exotic leather and classical designs. The red Serpenti shoulder bag is a famous design, featuring the serpent head closure and ruffle detailing.

The Philanthropic Side of Bvlgari

Naomi Watts Celebrates Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewelry Collection at the BVLGARI in Beverly Hills (Photo credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com)

Bvlgari is well known in the fashion circle for their collaboration with Save the Children campaign featuring representations from celebrities like Naomi Watts, Meg Ryan, and Olivia Palermo. The #RaiseYourHand campaign which features a line of jewellery products has helped raise 50 million dollars for child education and related causes. The Save the Children collection by Bvlgari draws inspiration from the popular B.zero1 designs.

Iconic Stores

Bvlgari- Store- Japan
Bvlgari Store in Ginza, Tokyo (Photo Credit: Osugi – Shutterstock.com)

Bvlgari has stores all over the world and these locations are also landmarks, with interiors reflecting the design philosophy of the company. The largest store building is the Bulgari Ginza Tower in Tokyo and it also houses a lounge bar and a restaurant. The marble and wood headquarters of Bvlgari are located in a historic part of Rome near the famous Spanish Steps, recently part of a renovation sponsored by the fashion house.

Live in a Bvlgari Hotel

Bvlgari must know facts
Bvlgari Resort at Bali (Photo credit: Ky CHO/ Shutterstock.com)

Bvlgari has not just a fashion empire, but a chain of hotels too. Milan and London are some of the cities where one can spend a night in a Bvlgari hotel. The Bvlgari hotels are inspired, designed and themed around the many design elements of the fashion brand. These lavish establishments feature movie halls and Michelin Star restaurants. The Bvlgari Bali Resort has been voted as one of the best in Asia.

From Bvlgari pendants to Bvlgari charms, Bvlgari is one of Italy’s most storied names. One the best brands in the world, these collections carry on across seasons with genre defining and genre bending designs. It will add luxury and class to your jewellery and watch collection with extra-ordinary pieces of art crafted with finesse.

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