Swarovski – The Crystal Clear Story

The story of Swarovski as a brand for the most preferred brand of crystals is truly inspirational. It had a rare thing to offer, something that is as beautiful as a diamond yet not as expensive. Swarovski crystals are cut with immense precision, and modelled in a way to maximize their brilliance.

The Beginning

The year 1891 saw Daniel Swarovski inventing a machine which ran on hydroelectricity in the small town of Wattens, Austria. Previously worked with hands, this machine was a revolutionary invention that increased speed and accuracy of cutting crystals taking him closer to his goal of creating a diamond for everyone. This invention marked a beginning of a new era in diamond cutting. Swarovski then studied the potential in this industry and started the company in 1895 with his brother-in-law Franz Weis.

Swarovski was founded in a time of great progress in arts, literature, music and science. The company imbibed the culture, innovation and creativity that was taking shape at the time across the world. Contrary to his competitors, Swarovski never marketed his glass crystals as diamonds and was always open about the crystals being imitation of diamonds. This honesty worked to his advantage and Swarovski crystals went on become a big hit in the massed.

Maintaining the Principles

Throughout the 100-year journey since the inception of the brand, Swarovski has maintained consistency in terms of top-quality full cut crystals, expertly faceted and polished to show every spark of brilliance. The Swarovski women watches manufactured are top notch and can be styled with almost any outfit a lady wishes to wear.

Swarovski history
Stunning Swarovski Crystal Women’s Wristwatch

Contrary to popular belief, the Swarovski crystals do not occur naturally. They are made in the Watten factory using a simple formula that was created and perfected by Daniel Swarovski and his sons. How good a crystal will turn out generally depends on the method of production and the processing of the raw material. These two factors also determine the brilliance and the value of the crystals. In the current scenario, the company has perfected the art of creating crystals through a computer-generated technique which makes the beads even more precise.

The Business Story

The Swarovski Crystal Business is the highest grossing business unit of Swarovski. It has around 2800 stores across the world in 170 countries and employs close to 27,000 people and has a revenue of €2.6 billion. The Swarovski Crystal range includes crystal glass sculptures, jewellery, couture, home décor and chandeliers. The current Swarovski swan logo was patented in 1988 and is seen in its crystal products across the world. Any Accessories Swarovski creates are branded with this logo.

Swarovski is well-known for its penchant for innovation and through the years, they perfected cutting methods and techniques that lead to breathtaking designs. In 2004, they revealed Xilion, which is a cut that enhances the brilliance of Chatons (diamond-cut crystals) and Roses (components with flat bottoms).

Swarovski history
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The Way Forward

Swarovski Jewellery is synonymous with innovation and creativity. They conduct intensive trend research to ensure that the company creates products that are new, brilliant and beautiful. They have collaborated with designers and couturiers throughout their century old existence and hence are well-aware of the creative process involved in bringing individual visions to life. One of their initiatives, “Create your Style”, was specifically designed to involve fashionable individuals in creating and customizing their own crystal designs that would express their own sense of style and their personality.

From Chanel to Christian Dior, Swarovski has become the staple for several high-street fashion houses. These crystals made way into the closets of some of the most notable personalities of the era, some in the form of jewellery and others embroidered into gorgeous gowns.

Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, and Josephine Baker were among the few who flaunted accessories made from these stunning crystals. Some of Swarovski products have been collectibles like a stylised mouse that was the first figurine created. They still produce a range of figurines from ladybugs to Disney bugs. The Royal Canadian Mint in 2009 issues special collectible silver coins fixed with Swarovski crystals. In 2007, Swarovski launched Atelier Swarovski which has collaborated with brands like Fendi and Dior to make iconic designs. In 2014, Atelier Swarovski launched an in-house collection which was called the ‘Core collection’. Continuing the brands rich history of innovation and collaborations with designers, Atelier provides a platform for young creative designers also to create master crafts with their unique vision.

Swarovski focuses on curating trends, design, and meaningful branding that tells a story that is an embodiment of 120 years of craftsmanship. Swarovski is continuously changing the way they view materials and techniques, and this continuous evolution is what makes it the leading brand for crystal cut creations. Shop for a range of Swarovski accessories here.

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