5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Balenciaga

Balenciaga, a French luxury fashion house founded by the legendary couturier, Cristóbal Balenciaga, in 1919, is an emblem of style and sophistication among the beau monde.

Cristóbal started off his fashion career at 12 working as a tailor. During the Spanish Civil War he moved to Paris and opened his own couture house.

Balenciaga handbags are one of the most sought-after designer handbags today. Serving the purposes of both style and functionality, these bags are not just fashion accessories but as collectibles. Balenciaga’s most iconic handbag, the Motorcycle bag is a highly acclaimed article among the fashion savvy demography. Kate Moss was among the initial few to have owned and popularised the bag. But what makes Balenciaga handbags, a must-have? We give you five reasons why:

1. Colour your day with a Balenciaga bag

No one blends colors better than Balenciaga. From blacks, browns, and beige to the brightest of neons, Balenciaga bags showcase the best blends in the business. The luxury house gives us half a dozen new and trendy hues twice a year. Our favorite is the lilac hue of the Balenciaga Lilac Leather Giant 12 Rose Gold Velo Bag.

Balenciaga Lilac Leather Giant 12 Rose Gold Velo Bag

2. A shape and size for everyone and every occasion

Apart from colors, Balenciaga also does a range of shapes and sizes for every occasion. Hobos and satchels are the most common among these designer bags and even these come in a range of sizes to choose from. Our choice of the Balenciaga classics is the Balenciaga City bag and the Balenciaga Work bag which is one size up.

3. Light as a feather

The Balenciaga handbags’ most significant trait is the thin cut leather that is used in the crafting. Most of the designer and couture handbags prefer thick material adding weight to the bag. Whereas, Balenciaga pieces, even the iterations which are embedded with giant hardware are still lighter than most bags in the market. This makes them an ideal bag to carry around all day.

Balenciaga Off-White Floral Leather Giant City Handbag

4. Supreme quality

The softness of the Balenciaga handbags is due to the high-quality lambskin or calfskin leather used to create them. The Balenciaga pieces are hand sewn, which adds to the essence, giving them a high-quality look and feel. These designer bags are created with an intention to make them the most durable ones and till date, this is a feature that hasn’t been compromised or paralleled by any other.

5. The Balenciaga look

It is easy to spot a Balenciaga bag with its unique features and thin cut leather. The bag without a logo is an identity in itself. The novel hues and the ultra-modern designs contribute to the Balenciaga look making these bags the hottest ones in the market.

Not sure yet about buying a Balenciaga bag? Well, let our most cherished fashion icon do the convincing for you. Christian Dior stated that Cristóbal Balenciaga was “the master of us all, a couturier in the truest sense of the word. The others are simply fashion designers.”

Balenciaga Pink/Black Python Mini Cable Splash Tote

Balenciaga has been seen on the arms of The Duchess of Windsor, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy and in recent times Naomi Watts, Nicole Scherzinger and Vanessa Hudgens. Celebrities and others alike, there is no other better fashion investment than a Balenciaga. Buy yours today!

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