5 Gorgeous Pieces of Jewellery Every Woman Must Have

True fashion connoisseurs know that one thing that completes an outfit, giving it an instantly glamorous appeal is a gorgeous piece of jewellery. With the right piece of jewellery, your outfit is sure to turn heads when you strut down the streets or at a party.

However, there are some pieces of women’s jewellery that are so exquisite and rare that are much more than a fashion statement.

Here is our lineup of 5 gorgeous pieces of jewellery every woman must have:

1) Cartier Love Rose Gold Bracelet

A French luxury jewellery brand, Cartier has captured the hearts of many with their intricate and elegant designs.

The Love bracelet is an iconic Cartier design that was created by Italian jewellery designer Aldo Cipullo in 1969, New York City. His design were modern interpretations of inspirations from ancient history.

jewellery every woman must have
Cartier Love Rose Gold Bracelet 20CM

The Love Bracelet design took inspiration from medieval chastity belts, similar to the belt in a metaphorical way, the bracelet symbolizes fidelity. Cipullo created the bracelet with two C-shaped halves that need to screw fixed on with a miniature screwdriver. This bracelet cannot be slipped onto your wrist, because it is permanently fixed on your hand and removing it is quite an exercise. The design of this women’s bracelet is a modern sign of fidelity and purity.

2) Cartier Solitaire Diamond 0.21 Ct White Gold Ring

jewellery every woman must have
Cartier Solitaire Diamond 0.21 ct White Gold Ring Size 54

A simple yet stunning ring, the Cartier Solitaire Diamond ring is made with platinum and has a single diamond. While Cartier is known for their famous Love bracelets, the rings are equally iconic and perfect as wedding bands or engagement rings. One of the well-known ring collections is the 1895 collection that has 15 models of diamond rings in platinum. Who wouldn’t want to flaunt this gorgeous ring on their finger?

3) Cartier Trinity De Cartier Gold Band Ring

A century old design, the Trinity De Cartier ring remains one of the most desired jewellery pieces. It was designed by Louis Cartier in 1924 when French artist Jean Cocteau requested for it. It’s named Trinity after the three intertwined bands of grey, yellow and pink gold that form a single ring.

jewellery every woman must have
Cartier Trinity De Cartier Three Tone 18k Gold Band Ring Size 47

Each of the three bands on the Trinity De Cartier represent fidelity, friendship, and love. This ring is symbolic and one of the instantly recognizable designs in the fashion world.

4) Piaget Rose Pendant Diamond & 18K White Gold Necklace

jewellery every woman must have
Piaget Rose Pendant Diamond & 18K White Gold Necklace

Piaget and their Rose Pendant Diamond necklace is inspired by the rose in rose garden of Geneva’s Parc des Eaux Vives, this pendant was created by Yves Piaget to mark his love for the flower. The intricacy and the craftsmanship that went in creating this rose is what makes this women’s necklace so special. The diamonds were placed to give off a brilliant glisten on the rose pendant. The Piaget Rose Pendant Diamond & 18K White Gold Necklace is a must have in your prized jewellery collection.

5) Van Cleef & Arpels Magic Alhambra Tiger’s Eye & Carnelian 18k Yellow Gold Bracelet 20cm

The Van Cleef & Arpels Magic Alhambra Tiger’s Eye & Carnelian bracelet is an excellent choice to expand your jewellery collection. Part of the 2006 Magic Alhambra collection, this incredible jewellery piece features 5-motif clover leaf shaped Alhambras.

jewellery every woman must have
Van Cleef & Arpels Magic Alhambra Tiger’s Eye & Carnelian 18k Yellow Gold Bracelet 20cm

The design is further enhanced with Tiger’s Eye and Carnelian stones, making it an immaculate design and a coveted piece among fashionistas across the world.

These is our list of 5 pieces of jewellery you should add to your collection! These pieces are iconic because of their brands and their attention to extra-ordinary intricacy in their designs. These pieces have a rich history and inspiration that make them more the desirable. Start collecting now.

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