Why a Cartier Watch Is Worth Your Money

Louis-François Cartier had been perhaps one of the most well-established French watchmakers and jewellers in his time. Well recognized and celebrated, the Cartier family has had a long history in designing, manufacturing and selling watches and later extending into jewellery as well. Not only did the family of Cartier’s run the show for centuries for their trademark Cartier watches but they also have designed masterpieces for Royalty many times over. Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses have been adorned with Cartier masterpieces, giving the brand the essential luxe factor it possesses and more.

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Royal Duchess Kate Middleton has often been spotted wearing the timeless Cartier Ballon Bleu watch. More than just a piece of classic jewellery, Cartier watches are heirlooms of posterity. One can only ponder as to why the brand did not fade with time. Having set their mark in the classics, Cartier watches have changed with the times. Designs crafted to perfection and the goal to move forward with each generation was always the need of the hour and so it served as their recipe for success. This is also exactly how the brand unfurled. While there is a plethora of reasons as to why one should buy a Cartier, here are just a few of them explained:

1. The Enigma and the History

Cartier Panthere de Cartier Garnet and Onyx Yellow Gold Ring

Motifs inspired from art, travel, and history like the raging panther which has only built around the company’s history have set Cartier apart. Back in the twentieth century, big cats were in fashion for their expression of femininity. The charm of the panther was used in a lot of public adverts and since then has always been associated with the brand and a lot of its campaigns. Cartier had an entire Panthere collection built around and remains iconic. However, more than femininity, the panther also translates into style and finesse for the bearer.

2. Heritage Fashion Statements

Why women need to have classy watches is as eternal and rhetorical a question as why women love diamonds. The Cartier Women watches have seen different collections and a mix of different styles in these collections. The Tank, Hypnose, Cartier Ballon Bleu are all elegant fashion statements in themselves. Some of the designs are as vintage as the 1900s.Each of these collections has seen a beautiful and enthralling story behind itself and always take us back to those contemporary times. Cartier watches, a fashion statement also speak volumes about the love of heritage. These ageless watches go well with anything and everything one wears and whatever they want to carry the watch with. Cartier watches are indeed one of those essentials that every lady must have. You’d be amazed to see as to how many wardrobe and occasion the Cartier Women Watches compliment.

3. The Engineering and Craftsmanship of Centuries

The close attention to detail is visible in every artsy Cartier timepiece. It’s beautiful build and artistic design sets it apart from every other brand. The Watches also have a jewellery watch range which has watches studded with rubies and diamonds. This is an alluring collection which satisfies your penchant for both jewellery and watches. If you’re a true fan of fine jewellery, this is the perfect one for you.

4. Perfect for All Occasions

These watches would suit any occasion; be it a wedding, a business meeting, a casual hangout with friends or your special anniversary dinner. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these Cartier Watches signify class and sophistication. People around cannot help but notice the quality, the cut, the finish and the art itself!

5. Good Investment Option

One cannot deny the fact that  Cartier watches are known not only for their perfect time keeping but are also a worthy investment. Watches with mediocre value and making can never command a decent value in the resale market whereas Cartier Watches, being always an edge above, command an influential price even in the market after use.

6. Technical Mastery and Design

Cartier watches also boast a large collection that has technical supremacy like no other. It also credits itself on having one of the best creatively technical watches. For instance, the Calibre de Cartier Diver is often considered a professional tool watch. The watch has always been in the conversation of the professional elite and is by far the most superior and advanced sports watch that a luxury brand has ever made. It is also certified as a diver’s watch and is extremely sporty to flaunt. In addition to the above, Cartier watches last for generations which only makes us believe in their designs a lot more than any other brand.

Cartier Silver Ballon Bleu Stainless Steel Chronograph Men’s Wristwatch 40 mm

Cartier Men Watches are as timeless as any other timepieces for women. The collection sprawls across many beautiful designs and sturdy structures for those firm hands and beautiful light metal ones for those gentle ones. The collections have a myriad of options in sophisticated colours and designs. Ranging from black, maroon to silver and gold metallic finish.

While many of you would still be questioning and pondering as to whether to bring it to the table, the smart ones already have. The collection, variety of options, the class and sophistication, and rather the whole paraphernalia around it is worth the hype to own one.

Apart from your numerous contemplations, there is nothing that can and should stop you from owning a Cartier watch and bask in the glory. It’s seen the homes of the royalty and the wrists of the powerful. The French etiquette and design of the watch can barely be put under question. You also can’t forget that luxury ‘oomph’ that spreads its charms around, and you are sure not to lose value for it!

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