6 Luxury Rings From Our Closet To Celebrate Love

“I know no ways to mince it in love, but directly to say, I love you.” — William Shakespeare

A wedding ring has long been a symbol of infinity portrayed by a circle that has no beginning or end. It is a seal of faith, love, and promise shared by two souls. So, for an occasion as solemn as your engagement or wedding day, why should you choose a ring from luxury brands? The beauty of the creations from these brands lies in the fact that each one comes from a unique collection, assembled with precision to make it as special as the bond you cherish.

At The Luxury Closet, we believe that a remarkable love must be symbolized by a remarkable ring. Therefore, to honor and mark your new beginnings, we have listed our top picks of luxury rings for women that are as timeless as romance.

1. The Cartier Love

Luxury wedding rings for womenCartier Love Diamond 18k White Gold Wedding Band Ring Size 52

Cartier brings you this minimally aesthetic ring from their famous Love collection, a line introduced in 1970, only to become the most celebrated jewelry collection dedicated to the bond of eternal love. Sculpted from 18k white gold in a sleek band, the Love ring has the iconic screw motifs and a precious 0.02ct diamond which will glisten with beauty.

2. The Tiffany SettingLuxury Wedding rings for women

Tiffany & Co. 1.12ct Solitaire Diamond & Platinum Tiffany Setting Engagement Ring Size 55

According to Tiffany & Co. tradition, an exceptional diamond is meant to be paraded and not hidden. And true to that, the iconic Tiffany Setting came alive and became one of the most recognized engagement bands. Crafted with skill, the Tiffany & Co. ring arrives in a sleek platinum band, and on the 6 prong setting is a 1.12ct round brilliant-cut diamond fixed to look as though it has been put to float above the band.

3. The Cartier 1895 Destinee Halo

Luxury Wedding rings for womenCartier 1895 Destinee 2.08ct Diamond Solitaire Platinum Halo Engagement Ring Size 51

From the exclusive Cartier Destinée collection comes this ring which is indeed a spectacle. On a beautiful platinum band sits a large brilliant-cut diamond weighing 2.08ct and skillfully surrounded by smaller pave set round brilliant cut diamonds extending down the half of the shank. The halo of diamonds is placed so artistically that every flicker of your hand will catch the light and burst in sparkles.

4. The Sixteen Stone RingLuxury Wedding rings for women

Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger X 16 Diamonds Platinum Band Ring Size 54.5

The Sixteen Stone Rings line has been an icon of Jean Schlumberger and one of Tiffany & Co’s most popular rings for some time now. This band is picked from that very collection, and it comes made from platinum and set with 16 round brilliant-cut diamonds that are placed by two and alternated with the letter X, an Anglo-Saxon symbol of love reinterpreted by Jean.  

5. The Cartier Trinity

Luxury Wedding rings for womenCartier Trinity 18K Three Tone Gold Wedding Band Ring Size 48

The Trinity De Cartier collection consists of pieces that are like one of those beautiful dreams you never want to break away from. Picked from that very dreamy line is this creation that comes in a set of three rings crafted from 18k rose, yellow and white gold each symbolizing love, fidelity, and friendship.

6. The Damiani & Brad Pitt Band

Wedding ring damianiDamiani & Brad Pitt Diamond 18k White Gold Wedding Band Ring Size 58

This ring was co-created by Damiani and Hollywood actor Brad Pitt. Crafted with expertise from 18k white gold in a sleek band, the piece is engraved with the brand name and set with brilliant-cut diamonds on the edges, glorifying the ring with a modern touch.

Our list of exquisite luxury wedding rings has been created keeping in mind that only a precious ring deserves to sit on your ring finger, every one of which is hand-picked to last and match your enduring bond. We wish you happy days of love.

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