7 Pieces of Fine Jewelry That Will Instantly Elevate your Everyday Look

Effortless style, clean cuts and refined aesthetics. The minimalist jewelry trend is all about designs that look simple but leave a lasting impression. Discover elegant jewelry pieces that will assist you to tie your everyday look together with utmost finesse. 

Fine Jewelry

From timeless creations like diamond studs and charm bracelets to modern designs like lariats and band rings, we’ve rounded 7 understated pieces of fine jewelry from the best luxury brands that will help you transform your regular look into something that makes a statement in a subtle fashion.

1. Chaumet Diamond Pendant Necklace

This Chaumet white gold necklace with a solitaire diamond pendant helps you accessorise your work wear with utmost sophistication. It can be worn singularly for timeless elegance or layered with other necklaces for a touch of unconventional style.

Fine Jewelry

2. Tiffany & Co. Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond studs are a classic that will always remain in style, and this vintage pair from Tiffany & Co. makes an excellent everyday wear option. The combination of precious platinum and round brilliant cut diamonds in this pair beautifully celebrates luxury in simplicity.

Fine Jewelry

3. Tiffany & Co Elsa Perreti band ring

This modest ring in polished 18k yellow gold promises an effortless look along with infinite stacking and styling possibilities. The petite diamond encrusted at the centre is the awe-inspiring element of this otherwise minimal creation.

Fine Jewelry

4. Bvlgari Tubogas J Hoop Earrings

These Bvlgari hoop earrings flaunt the brand’s most popular design, Tubogas. Shaped like an inverted J and equipped with easy clip-on back, this pair will ensure you don’t compromise on class and style even on a casual day out. 

Fine Jewelry

5. Montblanc Coeur de Pétales Entrelacés Bracelet

Charm bracelets are versatile creations that can be worn and flaunted in multiple ways. Montblanc’s Coeur de Pétales Entrelacés bracelet carries a meaningful design of two petals interlocked to make a heart shape which is a symbol of love and compassion. Understated and attractive, this bracelet will add a luxurious touch to your ensemble.

Fine Jewelry

6. Van Cleef & Aprels Textured Ring

While stacking gold bands is the ultimate way to attain a chic-minimalist look, sporting a single statement ring also creates an equally powerful impact. Van Cleef & Aprels’ ring is creative and attractive in design. Its broad band in three-tone gold and the textured finish exude a modest appeal, making it the perfect accessory to elevate your everyday outfits.

Fine Jewelry

7. Bvlgari Lariat Necklace

The necklace trend that has currently swept the fashion world is lariats. Bvlgari’s gold lariat necklace brings a popular design from the label and is beautifully contrasted with the black onyx stone pendant. It is easy to wear and ideal for mixing and matching.

Fine Jewelry

Irrespective of trends and seasons, the need for effortless jewelry will always be there. So, if you have been thinking of adding some more minimal pieces to your arsenal, then The Luxury Closet is your stop for all kinds of gold, silver and platinum jewelry from top luxury brands. Explore our collection of fine jewelry pieces here

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