How to Tell If Your Gucci Ace Sneakers Are Real

Gucci’s Ace sneakers may have been a part of the house since the ’70s, but the style really blew up after Alessandro Michele re-invented it in 2016. Not only was the revamped version prolific, but they also received astounding traction. With a simple design and attention-grabbing details, this charmer is a favorite of Hollywood stars, bloggers, and every one fashionable. 

Ace is typically a low-top sneaker defined by the iconic Web stripes and is available in a multitude of designs, materials, and colors. This style turns heads with exotic embroideries and embellishments that adorn its expanse. 

Fake Ace Sneakers

Owing to their cult popularity, everybody wants to own Gucci Ace sneakers and if you too are planning to invest in a pair, then make sure that you buy an authentic one. Below, we have broken down the details that one must look for when spotting real Ace sneakers.

1. Web Stripes

The signature Web stripes are the most noteworthy element of these sneakers. On both sides of the shoe, the Web is prominently stitched downwards in matching tones. Examine it for inconsistencies because fake Gucci Ace sneakers sometimes have the stripes glued to the shoes or have unaligned stitching. Also pay close attention to the embroideries, patches, and embellishments featured on the Web. Authentic Ace sneakers will always have flawlessness in the design.

Fake Gucci Ace sneakers

2. Interior of the Sneakers

The interior of Gucci Ace sneakers has a clean, uniform look with the signature GG pattern all over the footbed and debossed GUCCI / Made in Italy branding on the insoles. Style number and size of the shoe should characteristically be located on the inside of the tongue; however, sometimes you can also find them on the sides.

Fake Gucci Ace Sneakers Fake Gucci Ace Sneakers

3. Hardware

The hardware and embellishments are also essential elements for distinguishing between an authentic and a fake pair. The eyelets on the shoe are always in harmony with the color of the pair. Studs or pearls have a polished look and are placed neatly. Fake Gucci Ace sneakers may have incorrectly matched eyelets or abysmally set hardware.

Fake Gucci Ace Sneakers

4. Soles of the Sneakers

Akin to the exterior, Gucci Ace’s soles are also well-designed. They are typically made of rubber and carry some significant signs of authenticity. The midsoles are smooth towards the front, followed by a textured finish that runs from one side to another. The soles have a recognizable wave pattern with the embossed knight symbol at the center and the unmistakable logo: GUCCI / Made in Italy at the heel area. Absence of any of these elements is a red flag.

Fake Gucci Ace sneakers

5. Gucci Logo

Inspecting the logo can also help you spot fake Gucci Ace sneakers. Examine the font of the logo; both the G and U letters have a distinct boxy shape, while the Cs have narrow, well-aligned ends. Also, note that U is thicker on the left and slightly thin on the right. If the logo lacks these details, that’s a sign that the pair is inauthentic. Authentic Gucci ShoesThe Luxury Closet is home to many amazing Gucci shoes, each selected after a strenuous process of authentication to ensure that every pair we sell is 100% real. Check out our curated collection of authentic Gucci Ace sneakers here.

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