Top 5 Watch Collections from Cartier

The very embodiment of luxury for over 170 years, Cartier is behind some of the most celebrated creations in the world of jewelry and watchmaking.

Cartier watches

It was founded in 1847 by Louis François Cartier, who is credited for spearheading the era of modern wristwatches by creating the original Santos wristwatch at the turn of the 20th century. Later, through a delicate balance of skill and style, his grandsons Louis, Pierre, and Jacques propelled the brand into its iconic stature. 

Today, Cartier stands tall at the forefront of innovation, creating timepieces that are unparalleled in terms of aesthetics, technique, and savoir-faire. The House is renowned for its design proficiency, and the same is translated splendidly in its watches. Marked by art deco shapes, elegantly-designed dials, and the signature blue sword-shaped hands, Cartier watches possess an enigmatic charm that timepieces from no other brand do. 

The Maison boasts several trailblazing collections, each of which is exemplary on account of fascinating history and timeless design. Hence below, we talk about five top Cartier watch collections, ranking them from five to one based on popularity, style, and function: 

Number 5: Pasha de Cartier

Top Cartier Watch Collections
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An unconfirmed but quite popular buzz around the Pasha de Cartier watch is that Louis Cartier initially designed it for the Pasha of Marrakesh in 1933 and hence, the namesake. But officially, this timepiece made an appearance in Cartier’s watch lineup in 1943. It was the first luxury sports watch from the House. 

Fashioned in quintessential Cartier aesthetics but with an innate sense of modernity and a sporty edge, Pasha was an instant hit. An elegant departure from Cartier’s traditional shapes, this round watch came with a big, water-resistant case and a screw-down crown accompanied by a small chain. Today, one can find various exquisite incarnations of the style, all of which are high performance while staying true to the original design. 

Number 4: Santos de Cartier

Top Cartier Watch Collections
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Santos was the collection that started it all in terms of watchmaking for the House of Cartier. Custom-made on the request of Louis Cartier’s old friend and renowned aviator, Alberto Santos Dumont, Santos was the first modern watch made to be worn on the wrist. 

The design of this Cartier watch is characterized by a square case and a bezel arrayed with exposed screws. The watch’s countenance is both iconic and instantly recognizable. To this day, Santos de Cartier continues to evolve and has become one of the best women’s watches from the brand.

Number 3: Panthère de Cartier

Top Cartier Watch Collections
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From the moment the first Panther ring sat on a finger, this animal has been Cartier’s most captivating motif. Exuding fearlessness and femininity, this emblem was well appropriated in 1983 as a jewelry watch called Panthère de Cartier. 

This style is undoubtedly one of the most popular Cartier watches for men and women. The square case helps provide the characteristic charm of the Maison. However, the real beauty is found in the bracelet, designed to mimic the movements of the wild creature. Reintroduced lately with many elegant adaptations, Panthère de Cartier still exudes the signature 80s glamour and decadence and makes a forever piece in any watch collection.

Number 2: Ballon Bleu

women Ballon Bleu watch

A young icon from the House, Ballon Bleu is contemporary, charming, and currently one of the top Cartier watch collections. First created in 2007, this Cartier watch is set apart by its unique design featuring the sapphire crown curled up in a metal loop on the side of a voluminous round case. 

The subtlety and savoir-faire of the Ballon Bleu have made it one of the most covetable Cartier watch for women. This style found favor among many famous names, the most persistent in the recent time being Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. 

Number 1: Tank

Cartier Tank
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It is the understated appeal and compelling design that makes Tank the most desirable Cartier watch. Epitomizing construction and design, Tank was inspired by the shape of military tanks of the First World War when observed from above.

The modern-day Cartier Tank comes in six different models: Tank Anglaise, Tank Louis Cartier, Tank Americaine, Tank Francaise, and Tank MC. Each of these Tank collections is unique in design while proudly retaining the trademark elements of the prototype. 

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On account of being around for more than a century, the French luxury house is way ahead of the curve through its inimitable designs and innovation. With such avant-garde collections as mentioned above and many more, Cartier can rightfully be described as a visionary who has and will keep modeling and re-modeling the landscape of the luxury watch industry. 

Explore popular styles such as women Pasha watch, women Ballon Bleu watch, and many new and pre-loved Cartier men’s watches in our selection. 

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