Bag of the Week: Valentino Rockstud Spike Bag

Valentino is a name that is spoken with reverence in the fashion world for its unmistakable quality of giving a bourgeois object a pedestal of rule-breaking glamour. From exquisite couture gowns to a vast collection of accessories, ready-to-wear and more, it is a brand that has changed the way we look at luxury since its birth in 1960. 

The Italian brand rose to prominence once again in the year 2011 when it launched its iconic ‘Rockstud’ – a pyramid-shaped stud inspired by Roman architecture. 

Valentino Handbag

Commercial success, strong reactions and instant popularity were the brand’s rewards and the ‘Rockstud Fever’ has resulted in a range of accessories that enjoys a covetable status even a decade later. The Rockstud is intertwined with the brand’s identity and that’s what brings us to the Valentino handbag in question today – Rockstud Spike Bag. 

Introduced to the world through a unique print & video campaign based on individualism, the Rockstud Spike bag marked the debut of Pierpaolo Piccioli as Valentino’s sole Creative Director. 

Equipped with a silhouette that will never go out of style, it is essentially a rectangular flap bag that is edgy, glamorous and bordering on an eclectic aesthetic. Often compared to the Classic Flap by Chanel and Diorama by Dior, it has not reached the ‘Classic’ status yet but has immense potential to become one in the years to come. 

Rockstud Spike

What it does have is the quality of enabling its wearer to express themselves and their individuality with great panache. It was beautifully depicted in the introductory campaign with the Valentino handbag finding its way into the arms of New York inhabitants talking about the city’s diversity and energy. We see this characteristic presenting itself in the way people carry it and style it. It looks at home with a rock ‘n’ roll outfit, at a posh dinner or even a day-time event. 

Valentino Rockstud Spike Bag – Medium/ Old-Rose Leather 

Rockstud Spike

The glorious beauty of this Valentino handbag makes us take a step back and stare in rapture as the twinkling Rockstuds catch the light. A part of the popular Rockstud Collection, the bag is crafted in Italy and reflects the heritage of the luxury brand. The Rockstud bag is hand-crafted from supple leather that is touched with the hue of an old rose. The structured silhouette has a simple rectangular shape that is elevated with classic diamond quilting. The meeting points of the quilts are further adorned with light gold-tone Rockstuds. The front is styled with a flap that carries the ‘Pyramid Turn-lock’ closure – an element found in several Valentino bags. The flap opens gracefully to a meticulously lined leather interior equipped with a slip and a zip pocket. The use of red leather to craft the label and the zip pocket is again a nod to the brand’s celebrated history. 

The bag is designed to mimic the needs of the contemporary woman and has three ways of carrying it. It has a jewel-like, detachable chain strap that can be worn in two ways: in a crossbody fashion or doubled-up on the shoulder. The studded top handle presents a third way: to be hand-held or worn in the crook of the arm. It is again detachable and adds to the versatility of the bag. Its beauty truly is the result of a dedication to precision and expertise. 

Rockstud Spike

The not-so-classic Valentino Rockstud Spike bag is for fierce-hearted women out there who have a penchant to express themselves through style and fashion. So, go on and explore our coffer for myriad versions of this glamorous flap bag and style it the way you like! 

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