Shoe Spotlight: Gianvito Rossi Plexi Pumps

A designer with a shoe-making pedigree that is second to none, Gianvito Rossi is known for his distinct attention to detail, flawless design, and unmatched Italian savoir-faire. Since his debut in Milan at the 2006 Spring/Summer Fashion Week, he has fast become the go-to designer for shoes that are flattering, versatile, and most importantly dedicated to delivering comfort. 

Gianvito Rossi—Master Shoemaker

With a keen focus on construction and silhouette, Gianvito Rossi believes in creating quality designs that last long and deliver sophistication for years on end. A master of his craft, he grew up playing with heels, leathers, and shoes; learning what makes footwear great under the tutelage of Sergio Rossihis father and mentor. 

With an unnerving talent to understand every aspect of a shoe, his creations effortlessly deconstruct classic shoe styles, breathe in a touch of modernity and deliver pairs that enthrall the world with their sheer genius. 

One such pair that demands attention with its sleek lines and subtle use of materials is the iconic Plexi pump. 

Gianvito Rossi Plexi Pump
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Gianvito Rossi Plexi Pump

One can’t help but take a second and even a third look once they happen upon these stylish Plexi pumps. In essence, they are a classic pointed-toe pump treated to reflect the designer’s take on modernity. With an aim to create something light and playing with the idea of transparency, Gianvito Rossi took inspiration from the use of glass in modern-day architecture and designed the popular Plexi pump. 

Gianvito Rossi Plexi Pump
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The use of plexi to form the sides of the pumps enabled the vision of transparency to come forth, making them light-weight and even offering up a range of possibilities for materials, colorways, and patterns. 

Gianvito Rossi Plexi Pump – Red Suede

Gianvito Rossi Plexi Pump

The contrast of a bright red hue against the skin left bare under the see-through sides draws us to this pair of Gianvito Rossi pumps. Simply sensual, their iconic construction appears in the form of plush suede and flexible plexi. The covered toe box has a sharp pointed toe which lightly opposes the rounded lines of the plexi panels that just cover, or rather uncover, hints of toe cleavage. Battling the tendency of the plexi steaming up, the pumps are cleverly equipped with perforations on one side to help with breathability.

Gianvito Rossi Plexi Pump 

Our eyes slowly span the subtle curve of the arch, trailing towards the fine stitching and seamless blending of the materials that come together to create the covered counters and sleek 10 cm heels. The Plexi pumps are finally emblazoned with the brand name in gold lettering on the leather insoles.
Gianvito Rossi creations are meant for modern women who prefer an elegant take on femininity and the Plexi pumps shine through as the best example of the brand’s shoe-making abilities.

Now, while we fan ourselves after being a touch overheated over these Plexi pumps, we nudge you to explore our vast collection of Gianvito Rossi footwear. And remember to do so at your own discretion lest you fall for more than one pair. 

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