Bag of the Week: The Fendi First Bag

As we look over the masterful history of the House of Fendi, we are reminiscent of the beautiful creations that the House has endowed us with. What we now know of as the Fendi Maison, was in fact, established in a small boutique somewhere in the heart of Rome. A new creative dawn was seen by the House when Silvia Venturini Fendi—the Fendi family’s third generation—took over. Since then, the brand’s progress has been traced as nothing short of spectacular. In 2020, British designer Kim Jones occupied the role as Fendi’s Artistic Director of Couture and Womenswear—a position previously dignified by the Late Karl Lagerfeld. 

Be it the Baguette, the Peekaboo, the 2jours, or the Fendi First, the brand’s flair when it comes to creating fine luxury handbags is just brilliant. This Italian Maison is globally recognized for its synonymity with excellent métier and the power to embrace experimentation. From exuberant pieces to breathtaking runway shows, the House of Fendi comes with creativity galore. The Fendi First, too, is doused in opulence and graced with eternal demure and functionality. 

Introducing the Fendi First Bag

Fendi First Bag
Photo Credit: Creative Lab / Shutterstock.com

With Silvia Fendi’s help, Kim Jones has ushered in his own sense of style and evolution to give the world another Fendi masterpiece—the Fendi First bag. This beauty was first seen among the many new launches in Fendi’s Autumn/Winter 2021 fashion show. A 21st-century oeuvre, this bag presents a fine collaboration of the House’s artisanal savoir-faire and timelessness. 

When it comes to handbags, each time, Fendi leaves us amazed with its additional perky detailing, such as the Croissant’s overlaid crescent-like shape to the Peekaboo’s half-closed/half-open design. The Fendi First, too, immediately captures attention with its noteworthy F metal embellishment. This majestic, oversized F metal closure is placed on the top of its delicately slouched silhouette. Clean-cut and finished with precision, this emblematic detail easily accentuates the bag’s exterior and adds a signatory touch. 

Fendi First BagExhibiting a neat external shape and structure, this bag lends you an iconic design alongside complete convenience. To top it all up, this Fendi creation captures the Maison’s signature essence and charm effortlessly!

And, of course, the Fendi First arrives in ample versions and iterations to help suit your different moods. From a variety of exotic skins, Nappa leather, to playful print-on-print fabrics, the list just keeps getting longer and colorful. It is available in two standard sizes—medium and small. 

In Focus—The Fendi First Bag From Our Closet

Fendi First Bag
Fendi First Small Pink Leather Bag

This version of the Fendi First is crafted meticulously using pale-pink soft Nappa leather. To further enhance the bag’s fittings, gold-toned metalware is utilized. The internal space is made from the FF-motif printed fabric, roomy enough to accommodate your day-to-day essentials. Simultaneously, it also unveils pull-out clasps for attachment. This Fendi bag gets even more practical and user-friendly with its detachable shoulder strap inclusion. This 43 cm strap gives you the alternative of carrying your Fendi First according to your outlook and style. Whether you hold it under the nook of your arm as a clutch or place it on your shoulder as a shoulder bag, this versatile bag makes fashion seem hassle-free! 

Fendi First Bag
Photo Credit: Creative Lab / Shutterstock.com

The Fendi First bag truly combines the brand’s aesthetic with contemporary styling to give its audience a bold yet useful handbag creation. Whether it’s comfort, luxury, or elegance, this bag, like all other Fendi creations, leaves us no room for disappointment. 

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