How to Style Your Chanel Classic Flap Bag

The magnificence of the Chanel Classic Flap bag is eternal. Its unforgettable story, timeless aesthetics, and intricate craftsmanship that can be felt with one’s hands exhibit splendor that immediately beguiles. This special magnetism, powered by Chanel’s legacy of excellence, makes the Classic Flap one of the most popular investment bags in the world.
Below, we explore its natural quality to be super easy to style. We’ve collected styling inspiration from the streets as a short guide on what to wear when carrying a Chanel Classic Flap Bag.

1. Easy Chic

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Team your tweed or braided Classic Flap bag with a crisp white shirt, cropped jacket, and blue jeans for a chic-décontracté look done effortlessly!

2. Colorful Backdrop

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Parade your bright-colored Chanel Flap against a summer-loving edit like a yellow pleated midi skirt, a short jacket, and vibrant heels.

3. Monotone & Marvelous

How to style your Chanel Classic Flap bag
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Achieve a balanced black-on-black ensemble by matching your black vintage Chanel Classic Flap bag with a black maxi dress or a tailored suit. 

4. Everyday Charmer

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For hectic schedules of running errands and scouting the city, a quilted Chanel bag lends its versatility to even a simple edit of a trench coat, T-shirt, ripped jeans, and sneakers

5. Sweet Statement

How to style your Chanel Classic Flap bag
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A neat collar shirt, tailored pants or a skirt, and your Chanel maxi bag make an OOTD perfect for heading to meetings or catching up with the girls for lunch. 

6. Classy Comfort

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A statement crop top toned down with high-waist loose-fit jeans and white kicks juxtaposed with an exotic Chanel flap will fashion out a tres chic style—one that gives you confidence and ease. 

7. Modern Cool

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Exude a laid-back, uber-cool vibe, perfect for day-to-evening events, by choosing an oversized blazer over a mini dress, paired with leather combat boots and your beloved Chanel shoulder bag.

From smart casuals to relaxed formals, our guide shows the elevating character of this coveted work of art. We hope you’re inspired to create lookbooks worth remembering and revisiting.

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