Shoe Spotlight: Tod’s Gommino Loafers

When we think of the age-old craft of shoemaking, what comes to mind is not just the end product but also the elaborate process of creating each shoe. Right from the design conception to the final shoe made, a lot of labor and skill is involved. Tod’s is one such brand that upholds traditional practices by ensuring that every single shoe is hand-made. The Italian fashion label started by Mr. Diego Della Valle is synonymous with exceptional quality, with its loafers being one of the most popular products. 

Tod’s has never shied away from displaying its homeland’s abundance. Take one look at their advertisements and campaigns, and you’ll see lush Italian landscapes, beaches, and city streets enriching the backdrop. One of the recent campaigns showed Chiara Ferragni enjoying some family bonding time with her sisters and mother (all flaunting Gomminos in vibrant hues), hence representing the brand’s eternal emphasis on the Italian lifestyle that goes beyond age, gender, and trends. 

tod's gommino
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Looking at Tod’s loafer collection is like looking at a captivating rainbow. Gorgeous pairs in various shades of red, yellow, green, blue, neutrals, pink, and purple will make you feel like you’re spinning the color wheel and landing on your favorite color. With their use of different materials too, there is a loafer for everyone and every occasion. Today we are shining the spotlight on one of the most iconic loafer styles — Tod’s Gommino

The inspiration

With their sleek silhouette and clean cuts, these loafers are instantly recognizable. The Gommino was introduced by Mr. Della Valle after being inspired by the driving shoes worn in the 1950s. He wanted to create a design that offered both comfort and style and one that was suitable for formal as well as casual occasions. Hence, the notable rubber-pebbled shoe was born. 

It’s all in the details

Each Tod’s pair is painstakingly handcrafted, with the individual pattern pieces checked and treated before assembly. The rubber pebbles are one of the most recognizable characteristics of the Gommino, and they are embedded with precision into the soles. Though the original model has been updated over time, the finest quality leather is still used for churning out these shoes in high numbers every year. 

The joyful versions of Tod’s Gommino 

The colorful spectrum

These Gommino loafers might just be the most beautiful everyday shoes you’ve ever seen. For those of you who love a splash of color in their attire, you’ll be happy to know that they’re available in several other bright colors. They are perfect for those long summer holidays and relaxed outings!

tod's gommino loafers

Tod’s Pink Leather Gommino Slip On Loafers

Tod’s Purple Suede Gommino Bow Loafers

Gommino loafers

Tod’s Orange Patent Leather Gommino Penny Loafers

The classic neutrals

We can never praise neutrals enough. These Gomminos come closest to the original ones created all those years ago and ooze sophistication in every stitch. Team them with socks or on their own — with tailored suits, chic plaid skirts, and cropped pants. 

Gommino shoes

Tod’s Brown Leather Gommino Driving Loafers

Gommino driver shoes

Tod’s Tan Leather Gommino Driver Loafers

Gommino bow loafers

Tod’s Black Suede Gommino Driver Loafers

The quirky ones

Talk about giving a fun and avant-garde twist to conventional shoes. A visual treat, these beauties successfully strike a balance between age-old tradition and modern fashion tastes. They are unique for sure, but they’ll inspire you to create some admirable looks! 

Tod’s Multicolor Leather and Fur Gommino Circus Loafers

tod's gommino loafers

Tod’s Black Suede Gommino Ricamo Spray Sequined Loafers

Gommino bow loafers

Tod’s Blue Patent Leather Gommino Bow Loafers

Classics like the Gomminos are here to stay. The factors of wearability, quality, and practicality give these shoes a sense of luxury that’s truly commendable. Whether it’s the Kate Gommino with its notable metal chain accents, the Gommino bow loafers, or the Penny loafers, anyone can wear them with pride. The best part? You can too! Explore and shop Tod’s Gommino loafers offered by The Luxury Closet.

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