A Fashion Trend that Never Ages—Black Dresses for Every Occasion

Coco Chanel’s iconic ‘Little Black Dress’ from her photoshoot for Vogue in 1926; Audrey Hepburn’s black dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s that flaunted her svelte frame; Princess Diana’s infamously famous “revenge dress” tailored by Christina Stambolian. From knee-concealing LBDs to audacious sweetheart necklines, perfectly as these fashion icons proved, nothing demonstrates one’s demure quite like a fabulous black dress.

Designer Black Dress
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Romantic poets may have associated black apparel with the expressions of grief or sorrow, but irrespective of its iconoclastic history, as any contemporary fashion doctrine may now suggest, a black outfit is predominantly expected to be a part of your wardrobe. Why, you may ask? Because every time a last-minute outfit emergency arises, it is just as easy to pair, giving you all the encouragement you need as you head out. Handy, ritzy, and versatile. Yup—that’s exactly what a black dress is all about. 

Here are some of our favorite choices from The Luxury Closet that will help you build a wardrobe with at least one designer black dress for every occasion.   

Balenciaga Satin Evening Gown

Designer Black Dress

Satin slip dresses have recently made a comeback, and there is every reason to do so. As you cloak this flowy evening gown from Balenciaga, get ready to submerge into the thrill of its immanent beauty and grace. A neckpiece is a must in order to define its draping neckline. Wear it like Audrey Hepburn’s ‘Holly Golightly way’ by matching it with an ornate diamanté necklace and a studded headpiece for a wedding ceremony or a gala.

Dolce & Gabbana Black Midi Dress

You may need a dress for one occasion, but this Dolce & Gabbana dress is set to cover several. An embodiment of femininity, this designer black dress is contrasted subtly with fine lace edgings and an off-shoulder bodice, with its ruched silhouette ready to flatter your willowy figure. Worn with the right accessories, this Dolce & Gabbana creation enchants the eyes of both—the wearer and the beholder. 

Gucci Silk Georgette Dress 

Designer Black Dress

An aesthetically Victorian style that boasts a statement red bow tie underneath the oversized white collars. So Gucci. Borrowed partially from its signature Web stripe, the red-white combo of this attire remains one of the brand’s favorites. Flourishing from the Maison’s artistic vision that has witnessed many fashion eras, there is no doubt that this Gucci black dress is going to be a memorable pick you can never part with. Go minimal yet classy with this creation by styling it with black heels to attend a formal meeting. 

The Attico Blazer Dress

Feather boa trims steal the show in this stunner. Party vibes are obviously provoked, and we love how the formal-looking double-breasted front of this dress effortlessly coalesces with its fancy aesthetic. The Attico’s collaboration of feather trims with plain black wool may be quite extra for the faint-hearted. But if this designer black dress is the one for you, we suggest teaming it up with tall heels or printed pumps. 

Etro Crepe Embellished Maxi Dress 

With its classic jet-black appearance and straight maxi fit, this Etro creation is an instant classic. Adjusted to form an illusory pattern, the multicolored paillette embellishments do the perfect job of letting your attire shine through the evening. For your next big event, pair this Etro dress with flashy earrings and a foolproof smoky eye.   

Roland Mouret Camley Dress

Designer Black Dress

Roland Mouret’s fashionable creations take over the world one design at a time. Masterful in his craft, this French designer does complete justice to this classic Camley dress by elevating your frame with hints of color and cuts. Daisy appliqués take over the halve bodice, causing a beautiful juxtaposition that will bring the slightest touch of floral hues to your ensemble. 

Dior Black Mini Dress 

Home to the exemplary Junon dress, Dior’s one-of-a-kind collections are nothing short of a fashionista’s dream. This mini dress from Dior springs your main-character energy into action! Its sculpted fit cut with an asymmetrical off-shoulder style fetches a sultry Parisian ambiance to its appearance. Whether it’s date night, a private soirée, or a girl’s night out, this designer black dress is destined to make you feel like a diva. 

Stella McCartney Tulle & Sateen Dress

Designer Black DressDownright demure, this Stella McCartney star carries itself with a manner of sartorial grandeur. Black sateen brings a lustrous finish to your look, while the lightweight tulle yoke allows you to flaunt a modicum of skin. The dress is tailored with an unbalanced length that embraces a fluid fall down the waist. We’re thinking, style tip: Flashy stilettos and a bold red lip. 

Chanel Black Wool Dress

Firstly, it’s a Chanel—dwelling place of the emblematic Little Black Dress that turns 96 this year. Do we need to quote more? Every fashion aficionado recognizes how dedicated Chanel is to delivering classic silhouettes that exude sophistication. And this black dress is no different from the others. Notable brooch embellishments correspond beautifully with the dress’ obsidian-inspired tint, with its skirt clutching an A-line fit. An apt workwear option if you want to make an everlasting impression. 

Love Moschino Cotton & Lace Trim Dress

Designer Black Dress

Love Moschino’s dress is simple yet sufficient to make a fashion statement. A beautifully-bold décolletage embellished with intricate lacing draws more attention and delivers a feminine charm to its appearance. Chic, classy, and comfortable. This Love Moschino ensemble is proof that one doesn’t always need a ball gown to look beautiful in.

“One is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress.” We very much agree with fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld on this one. To many, black clothes are a comfort zone. They grant you an opportunity to explore your fashion identity that is mirrored by absolute authenticity and endowed with the freedom to express who you truly are.

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We are sure that with The Luxury Closet’s expansive array of designer black dresses, you will find one that matches your comfort, price range, and style. Shop designer dresses here.

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