Designer Sunglasses for Every Occasion

Shopping for something new is always an enjoyable activity, and designer sunglasses are one such genderless accessory that everyone can enjoy. Different fashion designers offer a variety of styles and shapes, thus granting you a wide range of choices to choose from. But this vast selection can leave you struggling with confusion and questions. 

Designer Sunglasses
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This guide includes some collective information on facial shapes and styles, which will definitely help you find your perfect pair of designer sunglasses.

Types of Sunglasses

Although sunglasses are available in hundreds of different shapes, designs, and sizes, most of them are inspired by the basic styles. 

Aviators: Aviators were first produced as an alternative to goggles for pilots. These types of sunglasses feature large rounded lenses with thin frames and arms that are usually made from metal. They are mainly appreciated for their smart and sharp look. 

Jimmy Choo Aviator Sunglasses

Oval: A classic shape for many eyeglasses, oval-shaped sunnies show regular-sized lenses and mostly come with slightly thicker frames than aviators. This particular shape is great for everyday wear and can be bought in many variations.

Gucci Havana Oval Sunglasses

Rectangle: Often slimmer in shape than the others, rectangular sunglasses come with smaller lenses and thicker frames. They tend to appear bolder and more noticeable than the other shapes. If you wish to make a statement, this silhouette will be your preferred choice.

Designer Sunglasses
Etro Rectangular Sunglasses

Square: Along with a great retro-vibe, square sunglasses grant your eyes good coverage. Their body consists of rounded corners, average-sized lenses, and slightly-thicker frames. This gives designers plenty of room to create a whole array of patterns and colors, making them popular in the market.

Designer Sunglasses
Dior Oversized Square Sunglasses

Round: Reminiscent of the 70s, rounded sunglasses display completely circular lenses that are supported by very thin metal frames and arms. People with a long slim facial feature can opt for this silhouette while shopping for luxury eyewear. 

Louis Vuitton Round Sunglasses

Types of Facial Shapes

Everyone has different facial features that are unique in some way or another. Hence, it is best to have an understanding of your facial structure so that you can pick a certain shape of eyewear to accentuate your appearance. Below are some of the common facial shapes.

Oval: An ovular-shaped face is softly rounded with an overall oval shape.

Round: This particular type of facial framing shows a few angles with rounded cheeks and a chin.

Square: Squarish face features can be recognized with a generally angular frame and a strong jawline.

Heart: Heart-shaped faces display a narrow chin with wider cheeks and a forehead.

Triangle: Triangular faces showcase a broader forehead and a more pointed chin.

Once you have a better knowledge of your facial structure, you can narrow your research and hopefully find that one pair of designer sunglasses (or many) that will certainly be your favorite! These are a few of our current hot picks from some of our top brands.

Dolce & Gabbana DG 2170-B Crystal Round Sunglasses

Fendi Zucca Havana/Grey FF 0384 Aviator Sunglasses

Dior Black/Gold Black 000DC Split 1 Aviator Sunglasses

Designer Sunglasses

Chanel White/Pink 71198 Camellia Round Sunglasses

Designer Sunglasses

Sunglasses are more than just accessories. During summers, when the sun rays are too harsh, a good pair will offer vital protection for your eyes. If you are driving a vehicle, carrying a pair in your glove box is necessary so that you don’t feel blinded by the sunlight hitting the windshield. Designer sunglasses can also be fitted with prescription lenses if required and also with transition lenses if you desire to adjust the light settings.

Shopping should always be pleasing and enjoyable, and we truly hope this guide will make the process easier for you.

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