Building Your Fine Jewellery Collection

It is always a pleasure to own a fine piece of women’s jewellery that will make you feel like a whole new person when you wear it. Beautiful to look at, if chosen well, your collection has the potential to be passed down for generations to come, allowing your children and grandchildren to feel as incredible as you did. 

Beginning a collection of your own can be an exciting and fulfilling activity. Learning about the jewellery designers and pieces as you add each new piece can also turn into a highly rewarding hobby as you watch your collection grow and experience the delight of each new addition. 

fine jewellery

The Luxury Closet Guide to Women’s Fine Jewellery

With so many options out there, finding a place to begin can seem a little daunting. This guide will help you make an informed decision and know exactly what you want for your fine jewellery collection.

Know your taste

This is the most important advice we can give. Having some idea of what you like and want can lead you to start looking at the right places.

Know the designers

Different designers have different goals and aesthetics, and understanding what these are can keep you on the right track to finding. 

Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels Flying Butterfly Between the Finger Diamond Ring
Van Cleef & Arpels Perlee Sweet Clovers Diamond 18K Rose Gold Band Ring

Beautifully delicate and often inspired by nature, Van Cleef & Arpels make jewels in gold and silver and in many different designs. Popular collections from the brand include Alhambra, Frivole, and Perlée.

 Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. Paloma Picasso Olive Leaf Vine 18k Yellow Gold Bracelet
Tiffany & Co. 0.49 ct Solitaire Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

Tiffany & Co. is most famous for its wedding & engagement rings, use of precious stones, clean, minimalist designs, and high-shine finish. Timeless and effortlessly elegant, Tiffany & Co. easily jewellery holds your gaze.

Cartier Jewellery

Cartier Juste Un Clou Diamonds 18k Rose Gold Ring
Cartier Love Diamond 18k Two Tone Gold Double Band Bangle Bracelet

Chic and modern designs in many colours, Cartier is most famous for its circle designs, and its slightly industrial edge makes the brand’s offerings easy to spot. Cartier Love, Juste un Clou line, and Panthère de Cartier luxury jewellery are some popular collections worth the investment.


Bvlgari B.Zero1 Diamond 18k White Gold Band Ring
Bvlgari Multi-Gem Allegra 18k Yellow Gold Necklace Set

Intricate designs with brightly coloured precious stones and an aesthetic that appreciates movement lead to some stunning pieces from BVLGARI. Different shades of gold available with an array of precious stones also give these pieces a made-for-me feel.

Keep your eye on the prize

Photo credit: Casimiro PT/Shutterstock.com

To ensure you don’t miss out on anything, it is a must to keep up with what is new, what is available, and where best to shop for vintage and pre-loved jewellery. Following your favourites on their socials or signing up for their email not only helps them but also keeps you in the loop. However, it’s always safe to invest in classics. Collecting staple pieces and investing in jewels that have heirloom value will make sure you always have a piece or two to wear, no matter the occasion or day. 

Both new and pre-loved items by these designers and many more can be found in The Luxury Closet’s selection of women’s fine jewellery. These items, which our industry experts have authenticated, can provide you with both the assurance of knowing what you’re getting and the thrill of a brand-new piece of exquisite jewellery.

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