EXCLUSIVE! Inside Caroline Stanbury’s Luxury Closet

A name you must have heard and a face you have certainly seen on The Real Housewives of Dubai and the Ladies of London, Caroline Stanbury, lets us take a glance at her favorite luxury pieces for our exclusive Celebrity Closet series.

The actress was gracious to invite us over, and we got a glimpse of Caroline Stanbury’s closet, where we had a vivacious chat alongside her adorable puppy, Coco. During the fun conversation, she apprised us about her style sense, some of the rare vintage items she owns, and a piece of wise business advice as an entrepreneur. 

Caroline Stanbury's closet

TLC: Describe your style.

Caroline: My style is easy, chic, and wearable. I like to dress things down, not up, which is probably the wrong way in Dubai. (chuckles)

TLC: Your favorite handbag and why?

Caroline: (Holds up the bubbly bottle bag by Judith Leiber) This probably is my favorite handbag — it’s Judith Leiber, handmade with Swaroski crystals. The bag was a gift from Tommy and Dee Hilfiger (Tommy Hilfiger’s wife) for my wedding, and I wore it on my wedding day. I couldn’t love it anymore. And the close second (shows the French Fries handbag) is my french fries, also by Judith Leiber. Because this is the Kim K bag. Again, it was a gift from Tommy and  Dee Hilfiger. Thank you, guys — you gave me my favorite bags!

TLC: Your favorite luxury item?

Caroline: My favorite luxury item is this vintage Chanel doll that was really hard to get. She was actually in the window of a Chanel boutique. It is very rare and has been with me everywhere. I absolutely love her! She looks a bit tired now. (laughs)

TLC: What piece holds an amazing memory or adventure?

Caroline: It is the bags that have amazing memories and adventures for me are all my Birkins and Kellys. This is probably because they’re so hard to get. Every time you go to get one, it is a complete adventure. I normally fly to Paris to see one of my best friends who is at Hermès, and he gets me all the most beautiful ones. And every single time I go to Paris, it’s a total adventure!

TLC: What is your newest piece of purchase?

Caroline: My newest piece/purchase is this Saint Laurent body suit. I wore it recently to BravoCon 2022. I actually bought the whole Saint Laurent look. Felt very naughty, spending all that money, but (also) felt fabulous.

TLC: Which trend are you obsessed with today?

Caroline: One of the biggest trends right now is fabulous boots. These ones are from my collection (Black Suede Studio x Caroline Stanbury). They’re bronze, and they go with me everywhere because they actually match everything. Wherever you are out there, I think every girl needs a pair of fabulous boots. 

Shop the boots here.

TLC: Can you show us something special?

Caroline: One of the rarest items I’ve got is this three-tone, hard-to-find in any size Hermès Kelly that I got this year. It is special, and I got it in Paris. So good luck finding this, ladies. 

TLC: What is the next piece on your wishlist for Caroline Stanbury’s closet?

Caroline: The next item on my wishlist that is arriving soon is an all-in-one mini Chanel jumpsuit. And I’m all about a jumpsuit. This one is so cute, I can’t wait. And then I also got Givenchy boots arriving in cream. Amazing!

TLC: Your favorite red carpet moment?

Caroline: My favorite red carpet moment is always about the shoe because they have to be comfortable, they have to be sexy. And these (shows us the René Caovilla Cleo sandals) are some of my favorites. Honestly, they make me feel so glamorous. Look at the sparkly sole! 

TLC: What advice would you share with aspiring entrepreneurs?

Caroline: My biggest business advice is there is enough room for everyone. Don’t be so competitive with other people that you don’t share your experiences or ask for help when you need it just because you think they are your biggest competition. Take things. Take advice because they have done it before you, and they know the pitfalls. Also, if you don’t succeed at first, try again. Don’t give up.

Shop Caroline Stanbury’s Closet

Caroline Stanbury's closet

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Black Suede Studio x Caroline Stanbury Sasha Platform Sandals

Black Suede Studio x Caroline Stanbury Taylor Boots

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