Buying Watches as An Investment This Cyber Monday

A quality designer watch can be everything you want it to be – a timekeeper, a fashion statement, a status symbol and, if you choose it wisely, it can also be a brilliant investment, growing in value even as you wear it. Our collection of branded watches for women, for instance, holds many incredible examples of designer watches perfect for investment.

With Christmas just around the corner, Cyber Monday is a great opportunity to buy yourself an investment piece or even get some as gifts for the family. With $100 off across our range, finding the perfect watch at the perfect price has never been so easy, and our sale is on for a full 3 days, from Monday, 28th November through to Wednesday, 30th.

Designer watches offer the very best the watchmaking world has to offer, from the highest quality materials and most precise mechanisms to beautifully crafted outer designs having jeweled straps and faces. Even if you prefer a sports design or a dress watch, or something between the two, a designer model will offer you much more than any other watch.

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Are Designer Watches a Good Investment?

Watches make great investments for a lot of reasons, but the biggest and best is that even in the modern age, the demand for specific types of designer watches far exceeds the supply. The time and effort that goes into creating these mini masterpieces, many of which are hand-crafted, at least in part, limits the production, but this care and attention to detail is also what gives them some of their value and appeal. This works to the advantage of the holder, and finding the right piece at the right time can give you a bigger gift than you ever expected.

The longevity of designer watches only adds to this appeal. Such is the quality of the materials and craftsmanship that many designer watches can be passed on to following generations. There are several models recorded to have survived and kept perfect time through some truly remarkable conditions. Rolex, in particular, has tested its watches on real-life explorers, deep divers, and other adventurers very publicly and with spectacular results.

Which Watch is Best to Invest In?

Whether you choose something vintage, classic, from women’s watches, men’s, or brand new, every designer watch is a little piece of history, with its workings and design being a testament to the time it was made in, as well as telling future generations a little about yourself and your own style. 

Our extensive selection of expensive watches for men has pieces from some of the most well-known and prestigious names in the business, so head our way this Cyber Monday and see what we’ve got for you.

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