Resell, Reuse, Rejoice

How Selling & Shopping preloved will save the planet

What if we told you that you could shop coveted designer pieces while saving the world?
Think superwoman, except with a Herm├Ęs Kelly instead of a cape

Picture this: you are going to an event on the weekend and have nothing to wear, so you hit the shops and purchase something new. Post-event, that garment stays in the back of your wardrobe until you eventually discard it.

Unfortunately, this is an all-too familiar situation for fashion lovers and contributes to the harmful impact of fashion on our planet. Although the world is waking up to sustainability issues by boycotting single-use plastics and making more eco-conscious choices, the fashion industry continues to generate thirteen kilograms of waste per person per year, filling already overflowing landfills and polluting our oceans.

However, our core beliefs at TLC aim to remedy this problem. Become a fashion hero by selling & shopping preloved.

Sustainable Fashion: What You Should Know

Championing Circular Fashion With TLC

In contrast to a linear system which follows a make-use-dispose approach, circular products are high-quality goods that are sustainable from inception, having been designed with longevity and recyclability in mind. In short, it means giving your much-loved pieces to the experts at The Luxury Closet so we can rehome them and prolong their lifespan;

Think of it as an ultra-chic version of reduce, reuse, recycle.