Jewelry Category Manager – Silvia Fracchia

Silvia Fracchia - Jewelry Category Manager
Silvia Fracchia – Jewelry Category Manager at The Luxury Closet
Who is Silvia Fracchia?

Silvia is a happy go lucky Italian, born and raised in the beautiful fashion capital Milan.  Part of her origins come from the amazing Dolomites mountains that give her the inner peace and calm she feels with nature and the world.

After her Economics studies, Silvia worked at the Italian jewelry company Chantecler, here she discovered the world of jewelry which has led to her life long romance with gemstones, the fine art of combination and the amazing craftsmanship applied in the high jewelry pieces.  Soon after this, Silvia moved to Dubai and studied at the International Gemological Institute in Dubai and became a Diamond Graduate which has then led her to the role of Jewelry Category Manager at The Luxury Closet.

What does she do at The Luxury Closet?

Being the jewelry and gemstone specialist, Silvia spends her time sharing her passion for jewelry by developing out site in to a leading jewelry portal where only the best is accepted.

Tell her about your favourite jewelry designer, the bracelet of your dreams, those earrings you want to wear everyday or that necklace you really wish to wear for a special occasion. Then it’s her job to go out and find it.  Not only will she find it, but she will find the best that is out there.

Authenticity, is a key component of The Luxury Closet.  This means Silvia spends a large amount of her time checking every piece of jewelry is a real, branded and can be guranteed to be 100% genuine.  Everything from the material, style, logo and hallmarks for every jewel.

If you are looking to make some cash for that designer jewelry that you have had sitting in the closet for so long, then speak to Silvia. It’s her job to make sure you get the best price that you can, after she has authenticated it of course.

What is Silvia’s French name and why?

Every closeteer gets to pick a special French name that is all about them. Silvia picked “La Joaillière Italienne” which means “The Italian Jeweler”. Silvia picked this name for two simple reasons, she is Italian and she has a love for jewels.

  1. Cooking – Delicious Italian recipes when friends are coming over for dinner.  After all, being Italian the kitchen is second nature.
  2. Maths and data analysis – Give her a database and she will play with it for weeks.  You wouldn’t have thought there is a nerd in a gemstone specialist.
  3. Teddy Bears – They are so cute and they give a touch of tenderness in her life
3 dislikes
  1. Rudeness – She just can’t stand people who don’t say hello, please or thank you!  Magic words for making this world a better place.
  2. Reptiles – A category of living beings that she can’t really deal with. If you speak about them, she claims she will totally freak out, maybe because she is just a bit crazy
  3. Poor quality coffee – Italian coffee is the one for her, but if she doesn’t get that quality coffee in the morning then the day just doesn’t start right.
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