#BagThursday: It’s a Chanel Blizzard in Dubai!

Chanel Limited Edition White Blizzard Jumbo FlapBrrr! It’s getting chilly here in Dubai as winter is in full swing. No more beach weather for me! This Chanel Limited Edition Blizzard Flap bag fits in great with the dropping temperatures.

Part of the Fall 2010 collection, the Chanel Blizzard flap bags put a modern day twist on the iconic classic. The flap closure was replaced with a zipper top, making it easy to get in and out of the bag in a flash.

Chanel Limited Edition White Blizzard Jumbo Flap front

The limited edition winter white color is accented by an inky splatter on the base of the bag, giving it just the right amount of character.


Chanel Limited Edition White Blizzard Jumbo Flap with documents

What do you think of this style? Is it part of a fad you’d rather not see again or a classic piece that, like the name suggests, should be frozen in time?

Catherine Travers
Handbags & Shoes Category Manager

Milli Midwood

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Milli is a fashion blogger, tea drinker and sun worshiper, who has called Dubai her home for the last 24 years. Likes dog videos, free WiFi, Gucci and hashtags because they look like waffles.

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