Content Manager – Marwa Azzam Aldabbagh

Marwa Azzam Aldabbagh - Content Manager
Marwa Azzam Aldabbagh – Content Manager at The Luxury Closet
Who is Marwa Azzam Aldabbagh?

Marwa claims to be your “go-with-flow” type of girl.  Generally, very patient but also has a scary stern side to her.  She is passionate about her work and invests her time in perfecting it.  She eats whenever she gets the chance and prioritizes her family over anything else.

What does she do at The Luxury Closet?

Content Manager Marwa is one of the important people in The Luxury Closet who looks after the items that go up for sale on the site.  Marwa looks after everything from creating the posts through to editing and uploading on to the live site.

In addition to the management of content, Marwa is always involved in the look and feel of the site, social media platforms and the emails that are sent out.  Given her keen eye to detail, Marwa is always well placed to identify the small changes that always have a big impact.

What is Marwa’s French name and why?

Every closeteer gets to pick a special French name that is all about them. Marwa picked “La Petite” which means “The Petite one”. Marwa picked this name for the simple reason that she is petite.

  1. All kinds of food – Especially Chinese food
  2. Football – Favorite football team Real Madrid >> “Hala Madrid!”
  3. Friends & family – Being around your loved ones
3 dislikes
  1. Judgmental people – Take your time, you will see the light eventually
  2. Suck ups – Work hard and you will have success…
  3. Insects and Reptiles – ARRRGGGHHH!!!
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