How to Buy Your First Hermes Birkin


 In 1984, when the first Birkin was created, it was 40cm wide, and that was the only size available. In 2004, the 25cm was created, and was typically used as an evening bag. The 45cm Birkin is used for traveling as it has longer straps. There are two more sizes also used for traveling, which are the 50cm and 55cm.

Remember, your bag should work with your size, not against it. If you are petite, we recommend you go for a 25cm or 30cm. If you are full-figured or tall, a larger bag would suit your frame, opt for 35cm or 40cm. And 50cm + is apt is you need a bag that’s practical, or you travel a lot.



The ten most popular colours of Birkin are: Black, Gold, Rouge H, Blue Sapphire, Eutope, Rose Tyrien, Etain, Blue Jean, Rouge Vif, Blue Electric, Vert Olive and, of course, the most famous of them all, the Orange H, Hermes’ classic colour.

Whilst those colours may typically be at the top of people’s wish-list, we receive them in all manners of colours from bi-coloured Birkins  to (gloves at the ready) pristine white.

Material & Durability


The most popular leathers are Clemence and Togo, which are textured. Of the two, Togo is the most durable. Swift (called “Gulliver” in earlier versions), scratches slightly easier and doesn’t hold its shape as well, but is more affordable. Ardennes, which some people classify as vintage, discontinued around 1999, so is harder to come by. And Fjord, still being used, is also a very strong and durable leather. Box Calf is the the oldest type of leather used, but easily scratches and doesn’t do well in rainy leather, unlike the others.


At The Luxury Closet, our prices range anywhere between US $5,860 and US $20,910 depending on the bag. You can use our “sort by” tab to browse in price order from lowest to high.

Instead of paying one lump sum, our simple instalment payment plan (which completely free to use) allows you to pay for your purchase in instalments. Simply by paying 25% (or more) of the price of the item up front, you can reserve the item and pay the rest in one or more instalments over a period of 30 days. In other words, you could walk out our showroom with your new Birkin paying us as little as US $2,000!

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Images: Fete Douce, Spotted Fashion, Bloomberg

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