Style Icon of the Month: Paul Ramos

The Style Choreo has enjoyed some success in the industry since it burst onto the scene three years ago, so much so Media Source Middle East dubbed it the 3rd best fashion and lifestyle blog in the country. It’s founder, Paul Ramos, originally hails from the Philippines and also works as a stylist slash visual merchandiser of a renowned British clothing line in Abu Dhabi.

Look 1

“I would describe my style  as dapper, dandy and classic, which lends itself to the reason I wanted to work with The Luxury Closet – the brand is all about style, consistency and professionalism.”

Look 2

“In terms of favourites, for designers it’s power duo Dean & Dan of DSqaured2 – they’re always on point and over the top – for items on the shoot, it’s the Burberry suit and Louis Vuitton nylon jacket – they fit like a glove – and for style inspirations, I always look to David Beckham and David Gandy.”

Look 3

“When people ask me what my favourite trends are, I find it hard to answer. As fashion bloggers we create the trends, not follow them! But I can easily tell which trends are simply fashion faux pas – crocs and Birkenstocks!”

Look 4

Every brand sizes it’s clothes slightly differently, so trying them on before purchasing is always a must for me. That’s why I loved coming into The Luxury Closet, from the lobby to the stylish show room, it’s absolutely stunning!”

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