Timeless Dior Handbag Prices

Handbags are the ultimate addition to a woman’s collection along with being style statements, some handbags are great investments too! Timeless and gaining vintage value by the minute, some women handbags perform better than stocks at times! So how much do you really need to invest to buy an investment bag? What brand do you trust in and why?


Known for its elegance and extraordinary style, Dior is a French luxury goods company with a rich history, and is known to always stun people with innovative designs. It is believed that Parisian fashion is spread and kept alive across the world only because of Dior. With designs that have been popular through decades, Dior was the first designer to license designs with his own name in 1949.  Christian Dior is still among the best-known names in the fashion industry. Dior’s collection of women’s bags has enchanted many women including celebrities over the years and are stunning pieces to invest in.

This is where dreams are made!

Let’s have a look at 4 Dior bags prices to help you find something you could invest in.

Lady Dior

A date with Lady Dior

A timeless and elegant creation from the house of Dior, this bag is crafted from quilted leather and is a splendid work of art. Handcrafted with exceptional expertise from Dior, it’s leather has rare suppleness and presents stunning curves and a unique softness to the touch. First lady of France, Bernadette Chirac presented this Dior bag to Diana, Princess of Wales and being the most photographed woman in the world, this handbags popularity skyrocketed with the Princess flaunting her handbag at royal engagements. It sold over 200,00 units in the next two years and the handbag was named Lady Dior in honor of Lady Di. Do not underestimate the statement the DIOR bag charm can make. This bag is made from shiny Calfskin leather or Nubuck leather for that velvety feeling or with crocodile skin which is still soft and supple. Want to buy one for yourself? Look at this collection here with this Dior bag priced anywhere around $2000. The bag can give the same amount of returns if you are looking to sell one. Check here for knowing how.

Miss Dior Bag

The blue moon kinda love.

Women Flap bags will never go out of style. You simply can’t be a collector of handbags without having this classic bag in your closet. Released in the Fall/Winter season in 2011, the name comes from the classic fragrance from Dior that was very popular and one of Christian Dior’s favourites. Available in a vast range of colors, this bag has become an essential for every girl going out to a party or a night out, with its spacious and structured interior and incredibly good looks. Style it with a cute short skirt and ballet pumps or a cocktail dress with a classy pair of stilettos. You could buy this Miss Dior bag around $1,500 here and stun everyone at the next party you enter.

Diorissimo Shopper Tote

A shopaholic’s best friend.

This bag is for all the fashionistas who look for extra spacious handbags. This elegant bag with a DIOR charm that you can flaunt can be the next addition to your closet at around $2,500. Generous on space and made with fine leather, this bag is dubbed as Dior’s Couture handbag and is meant for everyday use. Popular for its versatility of being a shoulder bag or cross body or simply being toted by the arm, this bag was taken off the shelf and is exclusively available to Dior’s VIP customers. These customers are only invited after studying their buying history and one person can buy one bag at a time and this makes the bag more desirable for the masses and comes in the rarity factor to hike its price. Find a great deal on a pre-owned Diorissimo here.

Diorama Bag

Waltz away with Diorama!

The latest addition to Dior’s shining line up of women’s accessories, the Diorama Bag was introduced in the Spring/Summer Collection of 2015. Crafted in stunning colorful leather options, this flap bag has caught the fashion world’s eye. It is an easy to wear design which is popular among the young and trend conscious millennials who prefer Dior bags with a modern twist, and less of a ladylike style. While being a recent addition to Dior’s star studded line up, this bag has grabbed the fashion world’s attention and has reached the same level as the classic. It is set to become more popular from here on and become a great investment with prices going up every year, and is priced around 1500$. Shop from a range of options here. Et voilà! This sums up our list of Dior bag prices. So, which Dior are you buying next? Define your preferred style and buy one of these jewels on The Luxury Closet. Already own it? Want to make way and money for the another classic you liked? Fill out an easy selling form here and we will find the right buyer for your bag.

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