How To Look Chic In Hobo Bags

Your bags and shoes are what define your personal sense of style. While your outfit creates the first impression, your accessories carry it further.

The handbag essentially makes or breaks your look for the day – a shimmery clutch with a black dress for your Saturday night out, an oversized handbag for your shopping date and a hobo bag to add the oomph!

While you are ready to make a statement with your handbag, it is also essential to understand which statement bag suits you the best. We give you 10 in which you can style this fun piece of accessory with panache.

Characterized by its crescent shape and slumped look, these bags are perfect for a casual and fashionable look.

1. Colour is key

The golden rule for looking good in an outfit is to ensure that you get the colour balance right. An accessory goes from good to great when you know exactly how to style it. For your hobo bag to complement your outfit for the day, choose one which has a similar shade. A black maxi and a black hobo can steal the show if you pick up one from a selection of these Gucci hobos here. Similarly, a brown hobo goes well with an outfit which has earthy tones to it. A silver hobo with a cream or off-white jacket will make you stand out and is guaranteed to turn a few heads.

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2. Team it with monochrome outfits

Monochrome is a trend that can never go out of style. Blacks and whites are perfect to make your hobo look classy as well. A monochrome outfit creates a vertical image which makes you look taller and slimmer than usual, what more can one want!

3. Create your travel style

Hobos are the perfect travel companions. Whether you’re on a business trip or a vacation, the spacious interiors of these bags make them your best companions. Look for hobos with lots of pockets and compartments to ensure that you have adequate amount of space to store all your essentials. They are perfect to stuff all your belongings in if you are going for a night-out at a friend’s or need to look chic for a night at the club.

hobo bags fashion tips
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4. Rock the corporate look

While hobos might not be your first choice for the workplace, they can be styled to add to your corporate look. Team a neutral hobo with a pencil skirt and striped shirt and voila! You have an outfit that your work buddies will love. Make sure that the design looks refined and you have the perfect outfit for Friday Fun Day at work! Shop from a wide range of Burberry hobos here.

5. Flatter your jeans

Denims are everyone’s wardrobe staples. So, wouldn’t it be great if you favourite hobo could also be paired with your jeans? Hobos look great with distressed shorts, relaxed jeans and frayed skirts. Keep it casual and add a bit of softer vibe to your look with a cardigan in a light shade, a structured jacket or button down jacket. A Bottega Veneta Hobo would do the job for you. Shop from neverending varieties here.

6. Find the hybrid style

Hobos aren’t usually structured and can fold in and lose shape. Avoid that horror and choose a hobo that has got elements of a traditional handbag and a hobo like one from Balenciaga. This bag is more stylish and versatile in nature. You can carry these hobos with most of your outfits – be it a chic blazer and fitted jeans look or a summer dress. You’re your perfect next hybrid hobo here.

7. Discover your Hobo soul

Every hobo has its own unique charm. You find the classy ones in one solid colour with wide straps and goes well with your semi-formal attire. But you can also go for one with embroidery and a bunch of cool add-ons like chains, patchwork and fringes like these Coach hobos! The important thing is to find a bag that complements your own personal style. Select the one that suits your lifestyle. Let the bag define your style while being in sync with what you love to express! Want to discover your hobo soul? Find it here.

hobo bags fashion tips
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8. Leather it up!

Be brave and team your hobo bags with your leather pieces. Leather adds edge to your outfits and what’s better than pairing leather with leather? Channel your inner fashionista and team up your leather jackets, boots, dress or top with a leather hobo in a classic black or brown. Paired with a monochrome outfit, this leather Alexander McQueen hobo can create absolute magic. Find your leather companion here.

9. Add chic to your outfit

Are you the kind that wants their style to be effortlessly elegant? Make a few basic changes to your outfit and you have the perfect chic look! You have added chic to your everyday style. Switch white jeans with dress pants, opt for a structured blazer instead of a leather jacket and take the edge off (when you are not feeling up to it!).

10. Make the Hobo formal

A smaller hobo bag which is more structured, neutral and solid coloured is the perfect companion for your formal outfit. It’s reminiscent of a tote bag and when paired with a classic pair of pumps, it makes you boardroom ready! Alexander Wang hobos are the perfect example of this! Shop for your next hobo here.

Your personal brand of style should not ever be overpowered by a single piece of accessory. So, choose a hobo bag that brings out the you in your outfit of the day!

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