Gucci Bamboo: The Most Iconic Bag by Gucci

Founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, this haute couture brand has produced some of the best fashion pieces known to man. Stylish, fierce, and unique, Gucci is an Italian brand that has kept itself relevant and innovative throughout the years.

There are several things that single out Gucci as one of the most influential fashion brands in the world. The signature “GG” symbol, the gorgeous golden clamp used on shoes and bags, and the “Flora” print, these are some of the best designs to come out of this fashion house. The Gucci clutches and Gucci hobo bags have always stolen the hearts of many fashionistas.

The infamous Gucci Bamboo Bag was designed in the year 1947 and initially sold at select Gucci boutiques. The creative process that led to the inception of this bag makes the Gucci Bamboo bag so iconic.

The Year 1947

Wartime rations were making it problematic for various industries to survive in the year 1947. This also affected the fashion industry. However, the craftsmen at Gucci found a solution to this problem. They innovated a bag design that could be produced despite the circumstances. While materials to create the bag were limited, Gucci found a rather unusual material to craft the handbag, bamboo imported from Japan. By heating the bamboo and then curving it into a semi-circle, the craftsmen at Gucci designed a handle for the famous Gucci Bamboo bag. After the handle was cooled, it was attached to the body of the bag, which was created using pigskin.

The iconic semi-circle bamboo handle

The distinctive and high fashion design of the Gucci Bamboo bag caught the attention of many people. This bag was such a hit, the biggest celebrities carried it around during the 1950s and 1960s. The current creative director of Gucci, Frida Giannini, has planned to revive the bamboo handles in an entirely new way and change the course of fashion again.

Under the guidance of the new Gucci creative director, a new version of the bamboo bag was released in the year 2010. This bag has garnered so much adoration over the years, and people across the world covet this incredible bag.

The bag was created because of the lack of resources available around 60 years ago. The craftsmen thought it was fitting to create a design that didn’t deplete their already minimal resources. The bag took 13 hours to create because of the bamboo handle process. To this day, Gucci is dedicated to creating this bag with the same dedication without preceding the 13-hour process.

This stunning Gucci bag has been famous among some of the most iconic movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Ingrid Bergman. Stars such as Beyonce, Naomi Watts, and Florence Welch have made appearances with the Gucci Bamboo bag by their side as have royalty. Lady Diana was known to give her approval for this bag.

Photo credit – andersphoto / Shutterstock.com

Some may argue that the bamboo bag is being rehashed, we’d like to believe it’s evolving. Gucci still sells the vintage or classic versions of the bag, but now there’s a large variety for those who prefer a unique bag. If you don’t want the bag in traditional grey pigskin, you can opt for the magenta or orange calfskin bags. The Gucci bamboo bag is also available in hyper-modern fabric neoprene in colours black or white.

Besides producing one of the best and most innovative handbags, Gucci also continues to design various other women accessories. While the bamboo idea has remained consistent, Gucci has been experimenting with other aspects of the bag. Gucci is now selling the bag is various materials, depending on the one that suits your style best. The bag is also available in several colors and sizes. Gucci is revamping the look of this bag every season with a new element but staying true to the original design by incorporating the bamboo element in each design.

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