Mulberry — A Modern Symbol of British Chic

Mulberry is a fashion house with fans all over the world, and is surely a symbol of designer chic. Joan and Roger Saul, a team of mother and son, founded the company in 1971 in the quaint countryside of Somerset in the South West of Britain. Roger started off in his kitchen thanks to his mother taking a loan of £500. Over the next few years, an incredible story founded on hard work, tradition and impeccable quality unfolded. The company established itself as a premier producer of leather bags, crafted with high-quality workmanship and showcasing quintessential English sophistication in their designs.

The Name and Logo

The very recognizable tree logo of Mulberry was designed by Roger Saul and his sister. The inspiration behind the name comes from Roger’s memories of school, of walking past mulberry trees. The logo also symbolizes nature and family.

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The Inspiration

The Mulberry design philosophy is derived from the English countryside and activities that define traditional rural pursuits of this country. Strong, functional, and aesthetically simple, while remaining sharp and uncompromised, this brand carries the qualities of age old tradition and British craftsmanship. Mulberry as a brand draws influences from the outdoors, practices like shooting, fishing and hunting, resulting in leather products that bear age old elements and hardware detail, with a modern approach.

The Mulberry designs juxtapose heritage with the dynamism and rebelliousness of the city, a clash of designs from the suburban mansions with the sleek streets of London. This innovation in fashion is combined with a craft that has been perfected with age to create a resoundingly British line of luxurious and timeless designs. Mulberry bags carry this philosophy and hence have become one of the most treasured luxury items for aficionados across the world. Some iconic pieces include the Trout satchel and the Alexa bag. Mulberry women handbags and men’s bags are a collector’s favourite and over the last four decades, the brand has reinvented many popular styles while maintaining ageless design.

Iconic Styles for Men

Mulberry’s bags for men are stitched in three state of the art facilities in Turkey, which also manufacture for Givenchy and Dunhill. Whether it is a Mulberry wallet or a satchel, the collections for men showcase the aristocratic and countryside lifestyles, brandished with the haute couture and exclusivity of the urbane Brit.

There are certain design hallmarks of an authentic Mulberry bag. Beige canvas and dark tan buckles and edges are the highlights of this classic messenger bag with an adjustable strap for cross-body wear. The Brynmore is another iconic design from the brand. Brown leather with three black turn locks defines an unmistakable men’s classic straight from the stables of Mulberry.

A Fashion Diva’s Favourite – Alexa and More

Over the years, Mulberry has gifted the world of fashion many emblematic and adored bag designs. Nothing tops the fame of the Bayswater, the design that propelled Mulberry to the highest echelons of luxury leather. Whether it comes in pebbled brown leather or exotic ostrich leather in blue, the Bayswater is an eternal favourite for luxury bag collectors.

From the rivets and the hardware to the shape of the bag, the Alexa, which was introduced around 2007, has become a hallmark symbol of the Mulberry line of women’s bags. The turn lock and red leather are some of the highlights of this authenticated piece. The design of this bag was inspired by two of the popular Mulberry bags of the past, the Elkington and Bayswater. The Alexa also comes in many different shades, from green leather to beigePrinted leather Alexa is also another popular version of this flagship Mulberry bag.

Fans of Mulberry hobos love the simple and full design of the Mitzy Hobo, which comes in tones that range from the classic chocolate brown to pink.

Mulberry Trademarks

From Mulberry women clutches to messenger bags and satchels, there are certain trademark touches that have been introduced over the years. Mulberry bags are stitched with grained and thick calf leather, which provides a sturdy and structured material. Some bags come without a lining while the others come with a canvas lining or a fabric that has the logo on it. An engraved metal stamp with the recognizable tree logo and a heat stamped leather tag are also staples of the Mulberry line of bags. The postman lock is a signature Mulberry element and can be seen in many bag designs that have come out over the years.

Mulberry logo on the inside of a Mulberry tote

The Legacy

Mulberry is the biggest manufacturer of luxury leather goods in the entire UK. The brand boasts more than 120 stores across the globe in all the fashion capitals of the world. One of the lasting qualities of the Mulberry house is that it remains a deep rooted family enterprise, one of the reasons for its endurance and uniqueness in the world of high fashion accessories. The headquarters of the company are in the Kensington area of London while the factories in Somerset still produce the majority of the bags.

Made in England is still a core hallmark of most Mulberry products. The Rookery and The Willows are the two famed manufacturing units that are nestled in the verdant English countryside and produce the highest degrees of British craftsmanship for admirers and aficionados across the world.

Mulberry Products

When the company started in 1971 the first products were fine leather belts with buckles. By 1979, the world got to see the first line of bags, which would begin a love affair with many iconic Mulberry designs. A women’s apparel line was also introduced as the raging 70s gave way to the 80s. Now, the portfolio of this British fashion house has expanded beyond the cherished Mulberry totes and Mulberry women hobos. Ready-to-wear fashion, shoes and jewellery now come adorned with all the lavish hallmarks and finishing of the Mulberry house.

Mulberry Red Soft Croc Printed Bayswater Satchel

When you pick up a Mulberry bag, whether it is the famous Alexa design or a Mulberry women wallet, you are acquiring a part of British high fashion that is only getting bigger. Enjoy an exclusive piece of a celebrated tradition, which was born out of unflinching dedication to quality and now decorates the top shelves of the world’s best boutiques.

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