Bvlgari, the Serpenti Collection and Some Must Haves

Watches have progressed from being mere timepieces to fashion statements, to excellent investments. While initially meant to just tell time, over the years, these timepieces were turned into fashion statements by top luxury brands. From simple leather strapped watches to incorporating jewellery designs into them, watches have seen a remarkable change over the years.


Bvlgari- Store- Japan
Bvlgari Store in Ginza, Tokyo (Photo credit: Osugi/Shutterstock.com)

Bvlgari saw its beginnings in 1884 in Italy when a Greek immigrant, Sotirio Bvlgari, opened up shop in Rome on Via Sistina. He first began designing women’s jewellery for the rich and famous with the help of sons Costantino and Giorgio. During the 20th century, both the brothers started showing a deep interest for jewels and precious stones. They started incorporating these stones in their jewellery and Bvlgari soon became a sought after brand by the elite.

Serpenti Collection

serpenti collection watches
Bvlgari Silver Opaline Stainless Steel Serpenti Tubogas Double Spiral Women’s Wristwatch 35MM

They only introduced their first timepiece in the 1940s. This watch was inspired by the 1902s Art Deco period and was deemed the snake-watch because of the distinctive design. The watch was created with gold coils that were studded with gems, starting a new collection of jewel watches at Bvlgari.

One of them was specially designed for Elizabeth Taylor. She flaunted a Serpenti watch on the set of “Cleopatra”, which further increased the appeal.

Since Bvlgari believes in bringing a unique charm to their products, they also included the names of the snakes in Italian on the tails of the watches for a touch of exclusivity. While Bvlgari watches got their inspiration from nature, their enamel snakes were inspired by fashion.

Here are the two watches you should add to your watch collection!

1. Bvlgari White Stainless Steel & Diamond Serpenti Tubogas Double Spiral Women’s Wristwatch 35MM

In comparison to the other Serpenti watches, the Bvlgari White Stainless Steel & Diamond Serpenti Tubogas Double Spiral Women’s Wristwatch is rather simple but elegant. This watch features the iconic snake design that’s seen in the Serpenti collection, the design is classy and has an air of simplicity. The Tubogas design was inspired by the distinct design of the gas pipes that were used since 1920’s. The watch features diamonds on the dial, giving it a more glamorous appeal.

2. Bvlgari Black Stainless Steel Diamond Serpenti Women’s Wristwatch 22MM

Bvlgari Black Stainless Steel Diamond Serpenti Women’s Wristwatch 22MM

Another iconic watch is the Bvlgari Black Stainless Steel Diamond Serpenti Women’s Wristwatch 22MM. Part of the Serpenti collection, this watch is slick and simple. The stylish design of this Serpenti watch is further enhanced with a diamond-studded dial. If you observe this watch closely, you’ll notice the intricate detailing that goes into creating the watch. The watch features the snake design, which coils around your wrist beautifully. Definitely a conversation starter!

Not only are these watches extremely exclusive in the world of fashion, they are also a great investment. Besides expanding your jewellery and watch collection, being in possession of these watches ensures a better offer when you decide to sell it.

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