How to Ace Power Dressing

Though the meaning of power dressing has seen a sea of change in the last three decades or so, even today, when you speak of power dressing, it is the strapping pant suits that come to mind. Over time, jumpsuits and dresses too have entered the picture with all major brands designing them.

The Evolution of Power Dressing

It was in the 1970s that the style was born and it’s evolving till today. Earlier, power dressing seemed to underplay femininity. There were suits and jackets that were conservative and then there were knee-length skirts. Even the jewelry pieces worn with these suits were discreet. Sober colors such as blue, grey, black and navy were trendy in power dressing. Pinks and reds were avoided.

Coco Chanel can be credited with introducing the suit style in the 1920s. Chanel suits comprised a woolen jacket with metallic buttons without collars, paired with a tight skirt. Post World War I, the number of working women was rising and the suits gave them not just the confidence and a ‘gender neutral’ look, but also comfort and convenience to move around.

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Chanel Midnight Blue Embellished Top And Tweed Skirt Set L

Slowly, as women’s role in the professional, as well as political fields grew, there was no longer the need to imitate men in dressing. New fabrics such as silk and satin became a part of the designs. Thanks to innovative designs and evolving style statements, Women’s suits are not just limited to workplaces but are fashion statements. Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston is a fan of pant suits but prefers them in her own way, with a plunging neckline or wearing the suit with a corset-style top as she wore it to a Paris fashion exhibition in April 2017. The same outfit can be transformed into a work outfit by replacing the corset top with a shirt or a blouse underneath the blazer.

Power Dressing of Today

Pant suits are still as popular today, though dresses too have been a more popular style at work places. Perhaps, the new and chic trend these days is the jumpsuit. In fact, most of the popular brands have their own version of power dressing. Boss by Hugo Boss is popular with corporate women professionals and Hugo boss women dresses. In fact, the suits, dresses and jackets from Hugo Boss have also been red carpet favorites for some time now.

Women’s dresses at the workplace not only brought in fashion but also the assurance that women need not underplay their gender because, at work, all that mattered were the skill set and talent. Thus, the formal dresses have seen a rather elaborate makeover from time to time. A beautiful example of the workplace dress that oozes power and femininity at the same time is the Dolce and Gabbana Black V-Neck Long Sleeve Dress. It is classic and spells charming elegance. A deep V neck, full sleeves and a neat silhouette, this dress is sophistication at its best.

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Dolce and Gabbana Black V-Neck Long Sleeve Dress M

A style that is rather popular across the world is the dress suit. A striking example is the CH Carolina Herrera White Dress Suit, that includes a spaghetti strap dress and a blazer jacket. The ravishing suit with its striking color and elegance does not shout ‘formal’ but still looks professional and sophisticated. Another specimen of an amazing outfit is from Valentino which is a black floral Lurex Jacquard dress with a blazer. The jacquard design gives it a beautiful flamboyant touch while its formal look with full sleeves and straight collar makes it the perfect work wear. Another twist to this outfit is to take off the player and you will find a figure flattering dress. The V-neck gives it a sexy yet modest look.

The Foray of Jumpsuits into the Formal World

When you look at the history of jumpsuits, you are awed by the manner in which they have evolved. From skydivers, laborers, parachuters to fashion celebrities, the journey of jumpsuits is very interesting. It is one of the most loved garments in the world today. Be it teens, students, actresses and models or moms, everyone seems to be rocking jumpsuits. It is a perfect wear for holidays, parties and even workplaces, with simultaneous style and comfort.

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Paul and Joe Pale Yellow Scoop Back Sleeveless Silk Jumpsuit M

A formal cut jumpsuit can be just right for anyone to wear to work. Boss by Hugo Boss jumpsuits can be effectively used as workplace outfit by anyone who prefers the charming professional look. Another example is the Gucci Olive Green Silk Jumpsuit. With full sleeves, a collared neck and belt ties at the waist and shoulder straps, the suit spells charm and elegance. Wear it to work or for any other function and it is sure to be a head-turner.

Power dressing today has attained a new meaning as strict dressing has given way to more elaborate, feminine and fun ways of dressing. Pant suits still dominate workplace but the women have given it their own signature styles. The evolution of power dressing is still witnessing significant changes, with women embracing it in their own ways. What’s your favourite style to wear at work, tell us in the comments section!

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