Louis Vuitton Neverfull — A Timeless Investment

Louis Vuitton’s ‘Neverfull’ tote was born in 2007 and grew up to acquire an iconic status. After several seasons and more than a decade later, it radiates a bright light from the prism of classic and timeless bags. As the name suggests, it was designed to never be full and help women around the world carry their endless everyday essentials in the most practical, easy, and voguish etiquette.

Impeccably crafted, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is a unique blend of versatile and functional elements. Spacious but not bulky, sleek but not delicate, the tote is defined by its ability to embrace almost anything you introduce it to. Seamlessly transitioning itself from day to night, from city errands to vacation escapades, the Neverfull is the ultimate tote that can be flawlessly accessorized with your ensembles.

Signature Materials

What makes the Neverfull genuinely stand out is undoubtedly the use of the House’s signature materials, coated canvas and leather. Durable, instantly recognizable, and popular, these materials are the core of the brand’s DNA. The Neverfull is mainly released in Monogram canvas, Damier Ebene, Damier Azur, and Epi leather.

Monogram Canvas:

louis vuitton neverfull

The Maison’s distinctive monogram canvas was first introduced in 1896 by Georges Vuitton to limit counterfeits and imitation of its designs. The unique pattern incorporates the iconic LV initials, quatrefoils, and flowers, taking inspiration from the Oriental and Japanese designs of the Victorian age. Durable vinyl-coated canvas is used in creating the monogram editions.

Damier Ebene:

The Damier canvas was created before the monogram version by Louis Vuitton in 1888 to lend his creations an exclusive identity and protect them from being copied. ‘Damier’ stands for ‘checkerboard’ in French, which rightly explains the check pattern used by the brand in designing several of its bags and trunks. In 1998, the Damier canvas was reintroduced in the ‘ebene’ color, which is a neutral brown shade. The Damier Ebene uses a black coated canvas base printed with a dual-shaded brown checkerboard and showcases the ‘Louis Vuitton Paris’ logo detailed in some of its squares.

Damier Azur:

louis vuitton neverfull

The Damier Azur was launched in 2006 as a newer interpretation of the notable Damier canvas, with the French Riviera serving as its inspiration. The Damier Azur, like the Damier Ebene,  exhibits a checked pattern, employing subtle shades of blue and white and the logo nestled sporadically in the boxes. It too is known for its long-lasting quality and modish appeal.

Epi Leather:

Introduced in 1985, Epi leather was the first leather line released by Louis Vuitton. The Epi line has its roots in the 1920s when custom travel pieces were made by the House using grained leather. It was created keeping in mind the demand for more enduring leather in accordance with modern travel requirements and conditions. Scratch-resistant and waterproof, it offers a graphic display of a two-tone ripple-like effect. Built to withstand any weather condition, its process involves stamping the vegetable-dyed leather with a textured pattern and applying a special color on the grain’s surface. With a soft and smooth feel, Epi leather is flexible and sturdy at the same time. Initially available in a limited range of colors, it is now released in a wide assortment of rainbow hues and glossy patent leather versions.

The striped interior lining of the Neverfull is symbolic of Louis Vuitton’s remarkable travel history and its canvas trunks. It was originally beige-hued but varied colorful linings have been introduced in recent times.

Different Neverfull Sizes

The Neverfull is available in mainly three sizes, PM, MM, and GM, allowing you to choose the best piece suited for your needs and lifestyle.

PM: The PM (29 x 21 x 12 cm) or the ‘Petit Modele’ is the smallest of the three sizes and is convenient for running daily errands, city strolls, or dining with friends.

MM: The MM (31 x 28 x 14 cm) or the ‘Moyen Modele’ is medium-sized and is the right fit when it comes to creating a balance between not being excessively big and neither too small. It can be very well used for carrying it to work and is the perfect everyday bag with a roomy interior.

GM: The GM (39 x 32 x 19 cm) or the ‘Grand Modele’ is the largest of them all. Apt for travels, as a diaper bag for moms, or as your shopping pal, it can accommodate basically everything and more!

Limited Edition Artistic Collaborations

Louis Vuitton’s passion for infusing art in its creations is one to admire and appreciate. It all began under the creative direction of Marc Jacobs in the early 2000s, who gave the classic monogram a new face by re-imagining it through the eyes of globally renowned artists.

Owing to its ever-increasing popularity, the Neverfull has also been curated in collaboration with distinguished artists such as Stephen Sprouse, Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama, and Jeff Koons.

Stephen Sprouse:

louis vuitton neverfull

The House’s very first art collaboration in 2001 witnessed the magic of New York-based designer and artist Stephen Sprouse’s graffiti print coming alive on the quintessential monogram canvas. Sprouse’s graffiti and roses were used by Marc Jacobs in 2009 and splashed on almost everything to celebrate the artist’s life post his demise in 2004. The results were nothing but spectacular!

Takashi Murakami:

Playful and whimsical, Japanese artist Takashi Murakami’s collaborations with Louis Vuitton have been a resounding success leading to never-ending waitlists! Acclaimed for creating eye-catching, fresh, and youthful prints like the cherry blossom, he relied on a vivid color palette and his kawaii pop art style to garner immense interests from the masses. This creative partnership found a clear voice in the heart of the consumer culture.

Yayoi Kusama:

The prolific Japanese artist collaborated with Louis Vuitton in 2012 to create a color-pop capsule collection of bags, accessories, and ready-to-wear pieces. The timeless LV monogram played canvas to Kusama’s fascination for polka dots and her idea of a ‘never-ending world’. The label’s store windows were redone with bright polka dots worldwide and special polka-dotted concept stores were set up at London’s Selfridges to celebrate this extensive collaboration.

Jeff Koons:

Editorial credit: andersphoto / Shutterstock.com
Editorial credit: andersphoto / Shutterstock.com

Blending luxury and art, the contemporary American artist unveiled the ‘Masters’ collection in collaboration with the French fashion house in 2017. The collection was a homage to some of the world’s greatest painters such as Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Fragonard, Titian, and Rubens. Koons’ ‘Gazing Ball’ series of 2013 was adapted and hand-painted to re-create these masterpieces on the brand’s iconic bags. Each piece was emblazoned with the original artist’s name and Koons’ initials while the insides were detailed with the Master’s biography and the portrait. Carrying a piece of history with them, the bags seemed to have been taken straight out of a museum and did prove to be a masterstroke for the brand’s popularity to ascend new heights.

Editor’s Pick: Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Neverfull MM Bag

The Neverfull is believed to take up to 45 hours to come to life! Completely reversible, it is most popular in the signature monogram canvas and the MM size. Thus, we’ve chosen this classic rendition to shed light on the iconic style.louis vuitton neverfull

Exhibiting fine craftsmanship of archival details, this Neverfull is dressed in the prominent monogram coated canvas and enhanced with natural cowhide trims. While the dual slim handles may look delicate, they are actually strong, and the drawstring laces allow you to cinch the sides as and when required. The open top gives us a glimpse of the beige textile interior doused in the heritage-inspired stripes and showcases a zip pocket and a gold-tone D-ring strap that is used for attaching the additional pouch. As a bag of versatility, it offers a spacious home that exceeds one’s expectations and can fit a laptop, books, wallet, and other essentials with ease.

The Louis Vuitton Neverful is found in plenty at The Luxury Closet. Browse through our exclusive edit of some of these fabulous totes.

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull has made its way to the wardrobes of the fashion aficionados and innumerable celebrities, some of which include Beyonce, Reese Witherspoon, Angelina Jolie, and Kim Kardashian. From classic designs to beautifully printed editions, you’ll love exploring our pre-owned and new range of Neverfull totes!

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