Holiday Gifts That Delight – 2020 Gifting Guide

Holidays look a little different this year, but the things that remain the same are — that giddy feeling the moment December starts, the instant attraction to all things festive, and that warm bubble of joy spreading to encompass everyone with the Christmas spirit.

While we go about decorating our homes, preparing for the holidays and catching up on all the Christmas shopping, we mustn’t forget the biggest tradition of this time of year  — gifting! A delightful way to spend this month is to choose gifts for loved ones and bask in the joy that alights from their smiles. 

We believe that holiday gifts need to meet three criteria to be deemed perfect.

They need to be thoughtful

This adds a touch of personalization and lets your loved ones know that you are paying attention. 

They need to be useful

The gift can be used all throughout the year. Your loved ones should be reminded of you every time they utilize their present. 

They need to be indulgent

Gifts are meant to make someone feel special and cherished. That moment may pass but your loved ones will always remember the way you made them feel. Isn’t that wonderful? 

Holiday Gifts
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With busy schedules and the end of the year fast approaching, the hunt for the perfect holiday gifts is nothing short of a challenge. That’s where our specially-curated holiday gift guide comes in. We have looked through our vast collection and arrived at 4 fabulous categories that meet the above criteria with flying colors. 

The TLC Holiday Gifting Guide: 

Scarves & Stoles 

This diverse category has stoles, scarves, mufflers, shawls, and a myriad of other luxurious options that elegantly wrap around necks, shoulders, wrists, and bags. Whether they are made from smooth silk, breathable cotton, shiny lurex or even warm wool, they elevate outfits and will make sure your loved ones are bursting with joy. Choose from the likes of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hérmes, Burberry, Alexander McQueen and more. 


Small Leather Goods 

Long-lasting materials, smooth finishing, precise stitches, and a luxurious touch characterize this category. From stylish pouches, compact wallets, practical cardholders, and top-notch tech accessories, this category offers up several options to find the perfect holiday gifts. Take your pick from eclectic pieces by  Dolce & Gabbana, sleek options from Saint Laurent, signature styles by Salvatore Ferragamo or timeless classics by Bottega Veneta


Cashmere Everything! 

What better than the gift of warm cozy days to give your loved ones. Cashmere products are indulgent and classics that will always be welcomed with open arms. Be it tailored coats, oversized cardigans, sweaters or signature stoles, cashmere never disappoints. Choose from Prada, Céline, Loro Piana, Ralph Lauren, and more. 


Sparkling Stocking Fillers 

Items that adorn and sparkle make for gifts that will elicit joy for years to come. With the possibility of becoming family heirlooms, jewelry is a sure-shot way to feature on the pages of the best-holiday-gift-ever magazine. Browse through our glittering collection of fine jewelry and choose pieces from Tiffany & Co., Dior, Chanel, Chopard, Cartier, and Aigner


Gifting is truly an art form that begins and ends with the thought of your loved ones. It is a way through which we express our feelings and the importance of their presence in our lives. We believe that this thoughtfulness should also be directed to our planet. During the holiday season, choose better, shop pre-loved, and nurture sustainable habits. We invite you to listen to carols on loop and dive into our closet to find your 2020 holiday gifts.

We guarantee smiles, whoops of joy, and shopping bags full of festive cheer. 

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