Aquazzura’s Story of Creating Magical Footwear

It was in 2011 that Edgardo Osorio’s passion, talent, and hard work gave birth to Aquazzura, a luxury footwear paradise created with love and enriched with incredible design aesthetics. Today, Edgardo is globally recognized, is a recipient of the Best Accessories Designer of the Year Award (Elle Style Awards 2014), and the prince of his magical shoe empire. But it was actually at a young age that Osorio embarked on his shoe-making journey. Born in Colombia and brought up in Miami and London, he was one of those fortunate few, at just sixteen, to study at the prestigious London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins. Having realized that it was essential to gain sufficient experience and learn from others in the industry, he began working at nineteen for luxury brands such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Roberto Cavalli, and René Caovilla. His decade-long learning ultimately forged the path for his own brand which he co-founded with Ricardo D’Almeida Figueiredo in Italy.

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The Inspiration

The name Aquazzura which is derived from ‘acqua’ and ‘azzurra’ and stands for ‘blue water’ in Italian, was inspired by the designer’s love for beautiful seas and the warm sun. It is an homage to Capri and his admiration for sunny locations by the waters. What fascinated Edgardo was the idea of a dolce vita in modern times and a lifestyle that involves a year-round vacation. For him, it is all about the small details and their luxury that eventually makes something great. The connection that he felt with Italy led him to establish Aquazzura with its headquarters located in the heart of Florence. Housed in the Palazzo Corsini palace, overlooking the Arno river, it was at this historical site that the brand also opened its first flagship store.

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Italy, Florence the long Arno Corsini and Santa Trinità bridge.                                                    Editorial Credit: claudio zaccherini / Shutterstock.com

The catalyst to Osorio’s vision of Aquazzura was his understanding of what women truly wished for. He noticed they often complained about the pain they endured while wearing heels. In a sea of chunky and extreme footwear, he believed women would essentially want to go back to elegant designs. However, his philosophy of simple and beautiful would have a new soul — shoes that would make women dance and enjoy all day long without having to suffer. Today, if Aquazzura shoes are loved globally, it is because of Osorio’s belief in comfort being intrinsic to luxury.

The Signature Motif

“I like the idea of sending my Aquazzura girls out with a lucky charm under their feet”.  Edgardo Osorio

The 3D gold pineapple that the House incorporates at the base of its shoes stands for good fortune. In European and American cultures, the pineapple is seen as an emblem of hospitality and is detailed at entrances of the villas in Southern Italy and France. As a lucky charm, it is known to attract money and is seen as a positive symbol in Asian cultures. Osorio thus chose the pineapple as the face of Aquazzura and believes it to be lucky for the women who wear his shoes.

Aquazzura Shoes: From Cuts to Construction

Every creation from Aquazzura is a work of art, going beyond the status of simply being a shoe. Each pair is handcrafted in Italy with the utmost care and a focus not just on the overall appeal but also on comfort, wearability, and smallest of details. With designs that are innovative, embellishments that are eye-catching, and colour palettes that are vivid, the Maison’s process of crafting shoes encapsulates traditional techniques and the use of the finest materials. With the majority of work carried out by the hands of master craftsmen and artisans, the manufacturing process can take as many as ten months to complete and a single pair might require upto thirty hours to take a specific form. 

Exclusive Collaborations

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While Aquazzura brings out awe-inspiring footwear for women each season, it has also collaborated for capsule collections with design Houses such as Salvatore Ferragamo (2016) and de Gournay (2017). In addition to this, the brand has had collaborations with several global influencers, the likes of which include Olivia Palermo, jewellery designer Begum Khan, supermodels and actresses such as Claudia Schiffer and Poppy Delevingne, Lebanese designer Racil Chalhoub, and Ukrainian pop-singer and actress Vera Brezhneva.

Much-Loved Statement Aquazzura Shoes

statement aquazzura shoes

Sensibility, sensuality, and sophistication are the essential spells that bring Aquazzura shoes to life. In each design, comfort and glamour are inseparable pals, exhibiting a truly unique identity. For Osorio, every shoe has a story and is personal, and therefore, each one has a different name. From the feminine ‘Powder Puff’ to the comfort-laden ‘Christy’, The Luxury Closet is home to several statement Aquazzura pumps, sandals, and flats.

Wild Thing

With its very name, the ‘Wild Thing’ boldly asserts that it is anything but ordinary! Its glamorously adventurous spirit is clearly evident with the play of fringes on the frontal strap and the dance of the tassels on the self-tie ankle wraps. Fabulously flirtatious, it radiates a confidence that stands out, and with its ultra-feminine silhouette, imparts an edge to your feet. 

Much-loved and sought after, the ‘Wild Thing’ sandals were instantly sold out after their release and have been quite a rage ever since.statement aquazzura shoes

Aquazzura Red Suede Wild Thing Ankle Wrap Sandals Size 36

We particularly love these ravishing red beauties, displaying the signature fringe and tassel elements, standing bold on stiletto heels, and offering unparalleled comfort with the cushioned insoles.

Powder Puff

Aquazurra’s ‘Powder Puff’ is a style that feels like a breath of fresh air. Draped like royalty in plush velvet, it is decorated with an oversized pompom that moves with every step you take, and the slingback ankle strap with a buckle keeps your feet ensconced with care. Inspired by a makeup puff and Osorio’s Columbian heritage, this style is widely loved by women and works equally well with dresses and denims for a luxe affair.statement aquazzura shoes

 Aquazzura Pink Velvet Powder Puff Pointed Toe Slingback Sandals Size 39.5

Delighting us is this breathtaking antique rose pair. The pompom on the pointed toe and the slim stiletto heel exude vintage vibes while the gift of ample comfort makes them a dream to walk in!

Sexy Thing

The ‘Sexy Thing’ was the first design that Edgardo created for Aquazzura and is often called the ‘12 hour’ shoe owing to the ease it brings along. His vision of creating a shoe that felt like slipping into a glove gifted the world this hybrid of a sandal and a bootie. The striking silhouette with cut-outs revealing the skin spells everything ‘sexy’, and the exterior easily molds itself to the shape of your foot. Designed with added padding in the insoles, the experience of walking in them is one that distributes the body’s weight equally from the ball to the arch and the back.statement aquazzura shoes

Aquazzura Blue Cutout Suede Sexy Thing Peep Toe Sandals Size 39.5

We’ve chosen here a lovely blue version, endowed with the signature characteristics of the soft suede, peep-toes, cut-out vamps, and tie-ups at the rear. Raised on stiletto heels, they are fiercely fabulous and present an appeal that is incredibly chic!

Forever Marilyn

The quintessential style that combines Italian elegance and an understated contemporary touch, the ‘Forever Marilyn’ was named after the iconic star and actress herself. Graceful and classic, it can be coordinated with a wide array of ensembles and worn all year round, making it truly timeless! statement aquazzura shoes

Aquazzura Black Patent Leather Forever Marilyn Cut Out Tassel Detail Pointed Toe Pumps Size 41

Our vote goes to these black pumps rendered in patent leather and brimming with impeccable craftsmanship. Beginning from the pointed toes and ending at the teardrop cut-outs with swinging tassels on the counters, the flattering design lends poise as it stands elevated on high heels.


Regarded as a coveted style by fashion influencers, the ‘Christy’ flats are an amazing alternative to high heels and in them, au courant details are tempered with practicality. Super comfortable, they are outlined by pointed toes and profile lace-ups that extend from the vamps to the ankles, forming tie-ups. The gold-tone low heels flawlessly complete their delicate construction.statement aquazzura shoes

Aquazzura Beige Leather Christy Ankle Wrap Ballet Flats Size 37

These beige ones have specifically caught our attention. Clothed in supple leather and flaunting dainty criss-cross laces, they support your feet with comfy insoles and will look perfect for street strolls as much as for special dinners.

On its walk to stardom, Aquazzura has made the world its oyster and left a footprint on the shoe racks of the elite. It has found ardent admirers in Meghan Markle, Gigi Hadid, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, Salma Hayek, and Beyoncé, amongst others. Once you’ve worn an Aquazzura, you’ll know where the magic truly lies. Browse through our extensive collection of pre-owned and new statement Aquazzura shoes and get set to take off on an enchanting escapade!

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