Bag of the Week: Off-White Binder Clip Bag

There’s a reason why Virgil Abloh, the founder of Off-White and Men’s Artistic Director at Louis Vuitton, was named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World (2018). In Takashi Murakami’s words, “Everything from the way he works to how he uses his time to how he makes his judgments is principled. The foundation of his value, or branding, is humanity itself, not a superficial trick.” Founded in 2013, Abloh’s luxe streetwear brand, Off-White was born to champion the universal rather than the exclusive. Continually inspired by everyday life, it’s a label rooted in the present, the culture of the now. Just like the Milan-based fashion House’s diagonal stripes or the intersecting arrows, it is the mundane, the ordinary in which Abloh finds something unique and bestows it an extraordinary status.

off-white binder clip bag
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Off-White succeeded Virgil’s Pyrex Vision and swiftly rose to become a favorite with millennials. With a fixed spotlight on street-style, Off-White drives on while challenging the already existing conceptions of fashion and design. Bridging the gap between streetwear and couture is where the brand’s true prowess lie, and its success over the years has validated that, time and again.

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A coveted range of Off-White shoes, clothing, bags, and accessories carry forth the idea of sophisticated creativity through elements that are current and ever new. Be it the famous ‘SCULPTURE’ bags with IKEA or the see-through suitcases with RIMOWA, Off-White’s offerings are statement makers and conversation starters!

Off-White x Ikea Brown Markerad Sculpture Bag

Amongst many of Virgil’s eye-catching creations is the Off-White Binder Clip bag, and there’s no better way to introduce it to you than by making it our Bag of the Week. With its unmistakable and distinctive features, it is sure to catch your fancy and gain a top spot on your wishlists!

Hit the Streets with the Off-White Binder Clip Bag

off-white binder clip bag
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Who could have imagined that something as normal and a regular office tool like a binder clip could be the face of a popular bag? Well, that’s always been the label’s forte! The Off-White Binder Clip bag was created by Abloh for his Spring/Summer 2017 collection titled Business Woman. It has ever since impressed fans immensely and continues to. We’ll tell you the reason why!

off-white binder clip bag

Off-White Black/White Diagonal Print Leather Binder Clip Crossbody Bag

Although available in hues like red, pink, and green, we like a classic black version since it was prominently released in that. The fine leather construction of this bag is marked by the signature white diagonal stripe print at the front and the ‘Off-White ™’ logo-etched removable binder clip that is attached at the bottom. The fold-over flap comes with a magnetic fastening that allows it to close seamlessly without much effort, and the sides of the bag exhibit dual D-rings and a hardware bolt. To these rings, two detachable and adjustable shoulder straps can be clasped; a black one with the diagonal cut-outs and the other, the instantly recognizable yellow industrial belt strap. The contrasting interior is well-spaced and offers an open compartment for stowing your essentials, along with a zip and a patch pocket. As a gender-neutral piece, the Off-White Binder Clip bag makes for an ultra-chic creation and is well on its way to acquire an It status.

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Merging art, fashion, and Abloh’s love for music, Off-White’s impressive runways, trend-savvy collections, and high-end collaborations have made it acquire the vast following it enjoys today. Just as it describes itself as ‘defining the grey area between black and white as the color Off-White ™,’ it sends out a powerful message that everything does not have to fit into a box, rather, stand out in its own light.

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