Shoe Spotlight: Chanel Ballet Flats

Ballet flat — A Shoe for All Occasions!

A classic pick that resides in most women’s wardrobes at some point or another, the ballet flat is to women’s footwear what silk is to haute couture – indispensable. 

Inspired by the sleek and simple silhouette of the shoes worn by ballerinas on stage, the ballet flat is a version that typically finds itself adorned with a tougher sole that can battle city life easily. With a lightweight style, this chic French silhouette is always en pointe  ~ just like the toes of a ballet dancer ~ and elevates any ensemble or mood regardless of the season. 

Be it for work, parties, errands, shopping sprees, traveling, doctor’s appointments, nights at the theatre, casual strolls, museum walks or any other possible event excluding adventure sports, ballet flats come to the aid of women everywhere. 

Chanel Meets the Ballet Flat

When one says the name ‘Chanel,’ we instantly visualize the big, bold logo that stands for true elegance & unprecedented quality. The brand elicits awe, joy and the unmistakable feeling of being confident in all those who enjoy the world of fashion. These House codes are translated into every creation rendering them timeless. 

chanel shoes
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One such creation was the Chanel Ballerina, first introduced by Karl Lagerfeld, who took inspiration from the brand’s iconic shoe — the two-toned pumps. Merging the sophisticated and understated elements of both the pumps and ballet flats, the Chanel Ballerina became a style that could be seen on streets, on-screen, on front covers, and of course on the most-coveted list of women’s shoes.

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Getting the nod of approval from women everywhere, the Chanel ballet flat is an icon in itself that straddles all occasion-wear with easy elegance and makes it appeal to all ages. The polite style with an almost sweet sensibility celebrates what Gabrielle Chanel advocated relentlessly — a full range of movement and comfort. 

Chanel Ballet Flat — Silhouette 

Reviews, recommendations and reels of celebrity photographs reveal what we knew to be already true; the Chanel ballet pump is a style that women keep going back to. But why? We believe that we have the answer. 

Let’s break down the mythic powers of the CC ballet flat.

Chanel ballet flats
Chanel Ballet Flats

The construction of the flat shoe runs mostly in the French sizing and has a narrower silhouette that is designed to give the feet a more petite look, especially when it comes to width. The slightly pointed almond toes help elongate the front part of the feet while the close-set uppers provide support and structure. The shoes are not completely flat rather, they mimic the natural arch of the feet and are equipped with a short heel that gives the illusion of height. They are then finished with a sturdy sole that makes sure one does not feel that they are walking barefoot. 

Colorways, Materials and Stylistic Elements

Classically, the ballet flats followed a two-toned exterior with the iconic black and beige hues. But the legacy brand presents them in a myriad of shades, both tonal and bicolored, from understated hues to bright VIBGYOR shades. The iconic cap toes stamped with the CC logo offer up a contrast not only in color but also in material. The flats come in a range of materials,  common ones being: calfskin, patent leather and tweed. 

Over the years, the ballet flat has retained its alluring silhouette whilst flaunting other stylistic elements that have become synonymous with the brand. Popular ones include the use of faux pearl embellishments, intertwined chain detailing, Camellia motifs, quilted exteriors and different iterations of the CC logo. 

A Chanel ballerina flat is not just a ballet flat. It is a shoe that has the ability to give even high-powered heels and sandals a run for their money. The TLC shoe spotlight only shines on those that we deem worthy and folks, if anyone is worthy, it is the Chanel ballerina flats! Whether you are adding to your existing collection or investing in them for the first time, they are a pair that will never disappoint. So, make haste and browse our pages for your next or first pair. 

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