Shoe Spotlight: Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps

“The design that encapsulates my career is the Pigalle, a low-cut, high-heeled pump.” — Christian Louboutin

Introduced in 2004, the Pigalle was named after one of Christian Louboutin’s favorite neighborhoods in Paris, and it embodies the glamour of the showgirls at Moulin Rouge. A Louboutin classic and a dream shoe for many, the iconic Pigalle is a symbol of feminine power. With its arrival, the Christian Louboutin creation added an unforgettable chapter to the tale of high heels, one that does not simply beautify an outfit but uplift — the body and spirits.

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Design Overview of the Pigalle Pumps

The grandeur of the shoe is realized through the aspects of careful construction and the idea of bold elevation. A vertiginous heel propels the shoe’s arch to soar high and ultimately create a deep plunge — a sort of fashion-driven dive one can make with eyes wide open! Complementing the high fall of the base is a dropped topline that forms a low-cut pointed toe box. For an audacious finish, the lavish coat of red on the sole makes the back of the Pigalle pump as dazzling as the front. 

CL PigallePigalle breaks away from the concept of being ‘trendy’ and ‘current’ or by simply saying it in fashion language, it’s never the ‘last season’ shoes. On the contrary, CL’s Pigalle stilettos continue to be collected and worn even years after their release. You’ll easily spot a pair on the streets, in people’s wishlists, and in almost every ‘Closet Tour’ done by shoe lovers these days. The brand’s varied updates to the shoe continually enrich this devoted following, but the main reason, by and large, is because of how great a design it actually is. 

christian louboutin pigalleThe non-seasonal women’s pumps are presented in different heel heights and materials ranging from leather to gorgeous fabrics and are even available with mesmerizing crystals, studs and spikes, brocade work, and more. But in the designer’s heart, the Pigalle is best seen in black. He shares, “But to my mind, it reaches its maximum expression in black patent leather, because of the color of the sole and the precision of the design.”

Side By Side: Pigalle, Pigalle Follies, Pigalle Plato & So Kate by Christian Louboutin

The revolutionary silhouette eventually sparked a series of iterations, providing more options of pumps that help empower a woman to be chic, classy, bold, confident, and everything she can aspire to be. 

christian louboutin pigalleIn comparison to the Pigalle:

  • Pigalle Follies has a slightly more revealing cut on the sides of the vamp, a curvy shank, and a heel that’s tapered towards the tip.
  • Pigalle Plato retains the signature shape of the icon but is given a platform for a dash of support.
  • The So Kate pumps offer a more elongated pointed toe box and a fully tapered-down heel.

Stopfake: A Christian Louboutin Initiative

In an effort to keep alive the essence of luxury in its designs, the Christian Louboutin brand started Stopfake, an anti-counterfeiting initiative, to keep track and help curb counterfeiting activities. The program also informs consumers about the sites that may be selling fake products.

The Stopfake page on the brand’s website also lists down the active measures that have been taken by the team. Some recent ones include the seizure of 118 counterfeited goods in China by Customs on February 5, 2021, and the seizure of 492 counterfeited leather products in the UK by Customs on January 18, 2021.

Be an authenticator. Learn how to spot fake Christian Louboutin shoes yourself.

The market may be rife with red-soled stilettos, but there’s no magic in red bottoms if they’re not by Christian Louboutin! The meticulous cuts, accurate design elements, consistent quality, and high appeal of each CL shoe mirror the identity of the Parisian brand. At The Luxury Closet, our in-house team of authenticators carefully examines each product to determine its authenticity and condition using strict measures before being put on sale. Hence, all of our new and pre-owned Pigalle pumps for women are authentic because we made sure that they are. 

So, keep your worries aside and shop authentic Pigalle, So Kate, Lady Peep, and more Christian Louboutin pumps with us. Shop Now!

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