Bag of the Week: Longchamp Le Pliage Bag

Our Bag of the Week blogs cover iconic, trendy and timeless pieces that can be spotted on the arms of fashionable women around the world. These bags are typically on the higher end of the price spectrum and bring with them an air of exclusivity. To carry them is to make a statement and to buy them is like waking up on Christmas morning. This week’s bag is slightly different. 

Longchamp’s Le Pliage is iconic, trendy and timeless but it is also accessible and affordable. It’s not only found in the closets of the fashion elite, but it is also draped over the shoulder of a university student, in the hands of a smart traveler, on the backseat of a soccer mom’s car, or in the crook of a working lady’s arm. In short, it is a bag that women look to for understated style, versatility, fuss-free detailing, durability and so much more. 

Longchamp Le Pliage bag
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Longchamp & Le Pliage

Longchamp is a brand that celebrates classic French elegance and delivers pieces that defy the rules of luxury fashion. Launched in 1948, Longchamp has always been inspired by the Parisian chic aesthetic that is known to be both alluring and deceptively simple. Focusing on style, silhouette and material, the label has managed to create a unique stamp on luxury goods that don’t bother with embellishments.

That’s where the unassuming Le Pliage bag steps in. First introduced in the year 1993 by Philippe Cassegrain, the bag is intricately woven into the brand’s story of modern luxury. He was inspired by the meticulous precision of origami — the Japanese art of paper folding — and translated the pleasing art form into a handbag. Since then, the Le Pliage tote has emerged as a bag to have! 

Longchamp Le Pliage bag
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The Le Pliage Original bag presented itself with a nylon exterior that was accompanied by Russian leather trims which carry a unique diagonal grain. The material usage intended the bag to be lightweight, durable, and equipped to hold everyday essentials with absolute ease. 

Le Pliage: To Use it is to Love it

Considerably simple, the Le Pliage tote has received polarising reviews throughout its almost 3-decade long history, but its popularity is undeniable. We believe that those who fell for the bag the first time around will always treasure it and those who didn’t must use it to love it. The stories of repeat buyers for the Le Pliage are endless, one such story is even of the author of this blog. That’s right — me! 

I was irked by the dilemma of choosing a bag that would meet all my needs as a first-year university student. Backpacks, though handy, were not to my taste, as they reminded me of my not-so-former school days. Laptop bags were a touch too professional and well, tote bags from high street brands never did the trick. So, I went exploring, until I came across the Le Pliage tote bag. I got the classic navy in large from a store in Hong Kong, unwrapped it from its packaging and voilà! I found a bag that met all my needs, looked great and was easy to carry everywhere. 

Le Pliage Large bags

I have been using it for over 5 years now and I’ve only got it cleaned professionally once! Furthermore, the style is so loved, that I got my sister one too! 

Longchamp Le Pliage Tote 

Longchamp Le Pliage bag

An elevated version of the original, this Le Pliage tote retains the iconic elements and brings a lovely signature touch with its logo-dotted exterior. Crafted from coated canvas that features the brand’s logo — a forward-leaning jockey on a galloping horse — in a pattern that offers an illusion of quilt detailing, this classic-hued black bag is a nod to the label’s celebrated history. The long dual handles and the small buttoned flap are made from leather and perfectly balance the roomy structure of this Longchamp tote bag. While the canvas interior promises space, the zip-pull makes sure essentials will remain safe. The almost all-black creation is then touched with glinting tonal hardware that enables the bag to be folded immaculately when not in use. 

The Le Pliage Collection

With such resounding success on its hands, Longchamp has extended the Le Pliage style to form a collection of bags and accessories that enjoys enormous fanfare. From various in-house iterations to distinctive collaborations, Longchamp has made sure that the Le Pliage bag remains relevant and desirable. A designer that the label has collaborated with for years is Jeremy Scott, who brings a playful touch to the iconic silhouette. Some of his popular styles are Wish you were here, Empire State Popsicle and As seen on TV. Few must-have versions of the Original Le Pliage are:

  • Le Pliage Club 
  • Le Pliage Printemps/été 2021
  • Longchamp x Pokémon
  • Le Pliage LGP
Longchamp x Pokemon
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The Le Pliage Collection has the ability to cater to all ages, styles and sensibilities. For us, it is not just another Bag of the Week, it is the bag of the year, for years to come! This just-short-of 30-year-old design is the perfect example of a modern-day classic that will always find a way to make a woman’s day better. So, all that’s left to say is, go through our selection of Longchamp bags and get your own Le Pliage tote today! 

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