Why Sell Your Hermès at The Luxury Closet?

The world of luxury resale is booming. Thanks to shoppers nationwide selling their pre-owned goods to refresh their wardrobes, become more environmentally friendly, or simply generate extra income. And today, one of the most sought-after brands on the resale market is Hermès.

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The timeless designs, investment value, and limited distribution of Hermès bags make them almost impossible to acquire unless you have built a rapport with the Maison. As a result, Hermès goods are the most desired items on the market, and there is no easier way to capitalize on its desirability other than selling with The Luxury Closet

The region’s authority on luxury resale—The Luxury Closet, has approximately 1.5 million shoppers browsing through our pages every month searching for fashion’s latest and greatest, ensuring quick pay-outs. Curious to know about the value of your collection? Contact us now for an estimate.

hermes bestsellersSelling your Hermès piece is a straightforward process based on whether you opt for consigning your item or cash-buy options. Learn more about the selling process here

At The Luxury Closet, we understand the need for efficiency and prompt services that you can trust, especially in a bustling city where we are constantly on the go. If you wish to have a trusted team visit your home, help you select pieces to sell, and explain the submission process, then signing up for the VIP service is the best alternative.

Not only does selling your pre-loved items make room in your wardrobe for more, but by becoming a part of The Luxury Closet, you are contributing to a circular economy and making the world a better place. Who needs a better reason than that?


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